Time For Talking Guidance Services, chart wheel in the sky/clouds, company logo . Offering  holistic  life coaching, counselling, talk therapy, psychic readings, angel readings, astrology readings, numerology reports, crystal guides, lenormand card decks, angel literature, psychic seminars, workshops, courses, spiritual and new age blog, card reading party bookings and free information to inspire, uplift and empower you and your life.
Time For Talking Language Services world map, company logo. Offering language tuition nationwide in the UK and also world-wide via our 100% interactive, face-to-face online language tuition, using video conference facilities. Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Greek, Portuguese. Also one-to-one language study-help and language teacher training as well as language learning guide ("Overcoming any struggles when learning a foreign language"). Also translations.

Holistic (psychological & psychic) self-help services - products.
Psychic readings, angel readings, astrology readings,
holistic counselling.

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Psychic Readings (with cards, angels, astrology)
by phone - online - by email
Psychic Counselling / Coaching
Psychotherapy / Psychological Talk Therapy
Card Reading Seminars
Psychic Party Bookings
Free Psychic Readings
Written Astrology Reports /Horoskopes
Numerological Interpretations
Crystal guides
Angel Literature
Free Gifts & Resources
Spirituality - Metaphysical Blog


Language (online) tuition world-wide.

Tuition, translations, teacher training,
language study help.

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Private Language Tuition (one-to-one, small group)
Corporate Language Training (one-to-one, small group)
nationwide in the UK
Online language tuition world-wide
like Japanese - Norwegian - Italian - French tuition
Language Teacher Training Courses
Language Study Help
Exam Revision (GCSE, A level)
Language Blog

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Psychische lezingen
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