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Holistic - psychological and spiritual self-help through psychic angels astrology readings and counselling. Inspiration for your body, mind and soul. TimeForTalking.com Guidance Services
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Holistic (psychological & psychic) self-help services - products.

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++ Spiritual Mentoring & Coaching ++
with the aid of:
+ Psychic Readings (with cards, angels, astrology)
by phone - online - by email
+ Answers to your questions,
about past, present & future

+ Claircognizance (= psychic knowing)
+ Clairvoyants, Intuitives

+ VIP Soul Coaching through
+ Soul Purpose Consultations
+ Past Life Insights
+ Karma Readings & Past Life Readings
+ Trauma Healing
Spiritual Guidance
+ Angel Readings & Angel Messages

+ Love Astrology & Compatibility Checks (= Wedding Gifts)
+ Evolutionary Astrology
+ Child Astrology for Parent Coaching
+ Chakra healing
Holistic Coaching
+ Psychic Counselling (also with EFT)
Psychotherapy (also with EFT)
+ Holistic Talk Therapy (also with EFT)
Also offering:
+ Card Reading Seminars
+ One-to-one Psychic Tuition
+ Psychic (Card Reading) Party Bookings
for any event
+ Free Psychic Readings

Written Astrology Reports
+ Written Numerological Interpretations
+ Crystal guides/ebooks
+ Angel Literature
+ Spiritual ebooks
+ Lenormand Card Decks




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