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Astrological insights and help for you soul's path and life path of:

career, traits, home, soulmate relationships, finances, partnerships or anything else.

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Getting directions for your soul's path and life path as well as your career
is very helpful and can make the difference between failure and success.

Those details are fully shown in your astrology chart or your horoscope.

Providing you with those facts, which often include dates as well, can be quite overwhelming in a live-reading.
For you having to take notes of every piece of information is very stress-ful for you as well.

That's why we also offer those astrology readings in writing, send to you by email.

Book this, your very own astrology reading by email ,
and benefit from all the provided insights in a write-up for you to keep.


Remember you always get a 3 - for - 1 service with these readings, as you only pay for the write-up time,
but not for the preparation nor the pre- and post- work with your astrology charts.


astrology readings by email
- written text -
(it will be the equivalent of an one hour reading)

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For astrology readings by audio email or phone, please view our full list of services.

Still not convinced?
Here are the main points explaining what makes a written astrology reading with us so unique:

- written details for you to keep and read (again and again) in your very own time

- no detail is missed, as you receive a complete write-up of your answers

- your location, as no travelling is required

- great value for money, as you get a 3-for-1 deal

- life-improving and beneficial insights that can determine failure or success in ventures
(e.g. you are contemplating of going into business with a partner,
but your astrology chart shows that you will always be betrayed in such partnerships
-- by knowing this beforehand you can avoid the pain and financial losses you'd be encountering otherwise)

Astrological insights for you and your life, background showing clouds with two planets and  Sun and Moon photos.

Book your astrological reading now for your very own confidential and insightful advice in our shop.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Not entirely sure whether our astrology readings would be right and beneficial for you?
Contact Eva
, so that she can explain to you personally
how she can help you in your specific situation or with your specific questions,
and how this will change your life to the better, too.

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