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Please note that I cannot provide stand alone free readings any longer
- even a lightworker has to pay bills in an incarnation -
so should you only be interested in a free reading my readings aren't suitable I am afraid;
- unless you choose one of our party bookings, referral booking options.

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  • You'll find numerous empowering and uplifting videos,
    with useful tips for your daily life, like:
    - Angel Channelling
    - Spiritual Living
    - Near Death Experiences (NDEs)
    - what happens after death
    - Past Lives
    - Pre-Birth Memories
    - Consciousness
    - Spirit Animals
    - Children and what they recall from Heaven
    & videos on:
    - Life & Soul Purpose, - Spiritual Mentoring, - evolutionary Astrology
    - psychic readings and much more.
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  • Make sure to watch our flagship video: on gaining past life insights without any need for past life regression nor hypnosis
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    However this might mean that you can only leave a message
    in the live chat, should she be busy with doing a reading at the same time - indicated below as 'offline'. Still click on it, and leave a message.
    Appreciating your understanding.

  • But emails are checked and responded to daily.
    Hence this way you can reach us 24 hours daily, 365 days per year.
  • For consultations by phone, where TFT cannot call you,

    you will have the choice between different phone numbers (landline numbers) in the following countries:

  • UK, Germany.
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  • Germany (area code for example: 02361 or 0231)


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