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Reliable & efficient one-to-one & small group language tuition, as well as world-wide online tuition.
Also a translation service, teacher training, study help.

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Wanting just to learn a new language out of personal interest
or needing specific help for an exam?

Don't put it off!
Start today, for your new future!

Here are the different types of private tuition we offer:
To make the first step please fill in the enquiry form to get a personalized quote.

For example:

ONE-TO-ONE TUITION - classical way at tutor's/client's home
It is proven that one-to-one tuition is much more efficient than large group tuition. The teacher can adjust to the client's knowledge at all times and therefore ensure the best learning outcome. All our tuition can be adjusted to business or social use.


ONE-TO-ONE TUITION - online tuition via video conference (skype/webcam/ headset)
It is proven that one-to-one tuition is much more efficient than large group tuition. The teacher can adjust to the client's knowledge at all times and therefore ensure the best learning outcome. All our tuition can be adjusted to business or social use.

Online learning with us is as interactive as any classical one-to-one tuition.
It has the great benefit of both client and tutor staying at their own homes during lesson times,
hence with no travel/distance having to be considered, saving immensely on cost and time.

Tuition would be held 'at the computers', i.e. by using a (fast) broadband internet connection,
a software (free to download), using a headset (or a microphone & speakers)
and also webcams, so the student can see the tutor as well as the tutor seeing the student during lessons.
Thus making the entire lesson absolutely interactive which doesn't then differ to sitting in the same room as the tutor; as it's 100% interactive, with 100% vision and 100% audio/sound. And as the software we use also has the feature of writing things down, and sharing files, it doesn't even lack receiving an exercise sheet in the lesson from the teacher, nor writing skills.

The tuition time would be booked absolutely identical to classical tuition,
but the tutor would just not welcoming and meeting you in his or her home and sitting down at a table, but instead welcoming and meeting you at your computer via webcam
(from your computer at your home to the computer at the tutor's home).

Regarding the webcam equipment needed for online tuition:
the webcam just needs to be compatible to use with 'Skype Video' (most, even basic ones always are though).

As mentioned above the tuition would be held 'at the computers',
i.e by both student and tutor sitting in front of their computers, both in their own homes.
The software we use and have best results with, is the 'Skype' software, which is free to download under
(and there just click on the 'download now' button).
After downloading the software, we would only need to know your Skype ID
(which works like your personal 'Skype phone number'),
so the tutor could 'Skype call' your home for the lessons - it's really that simple.

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We also offer small group tuition from 2 to 6 students for classical tuition
and for up to 5 students for our online tuition via video conference facilities.

However only group enquiries for small group tuition can guarantee a quick star.
Individual enquiries for small group tuition will have to go onto a waiting list.
As the starting date for a group from the waiting list depends on other enquiries for the same language, level & location, no guarantees can be given, when such group will be starting the language course.

Visit our Norwegian language courses (also Bergenstest preparation) offered here.

Visit our Japanese language courses offered here.

Visit our German language courses offered here.

Visit our Italian language courses offered here.

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We offer specific revision courses for A-level (equivalent to the end of secondary school/ high-school exam),
A/S-level (similar to A-level) and GCSE-level
(equivalent to O-level, first possible school leaving exam).

For A-level German we can also prepare individually tailored A-level MP3 files for you.
These MP3 files, which are emailed to you, cover all the relevant A-level topics, practising not only listening skills but teaching about cultural facts at the same time.

We can offer intensive courses for clients who prefer a compact course.
During the Easter school break or over summer we can offer specific intensive language training courses to prepare for school or university entrance.

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Who would not like to experience the 'real' culture of a country during a holiday.
You might not have enough time to learn the complete language at this time
but some cultural 'insight' knowlege on what to do or not to do will be helpful.
Here are some aspects that could be covered:
*relevant customs on a social level
*religious awareness
*if necessary: politicial awareness
*possibly some phrases in the foreign language

All our teachers can visit the clients in their homes, therefore clients can choose to have the lessons
in the convenience of their own home, saving on time and travelling.

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