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Reliable & efficient one-to-one & small group language tuition, as well as world-wide online tuition.
Also a translation service, teacher training, study help.

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~ Study help ~

You have a difficult time with your language studies?

As you study or try to learn a foreign language on your own, now you have a question and you need some guidance and language advice?

--- We have the solution !!

We can also provide you with one-to-one language study help.

Provided by the experienced teacher Eva.
As she has been teaching German (at all levels) and Psychology (for A level exams and for adult learners) for many years now,
Eva now takes the time to share her vast teaching knowledge with you as well.

The feedback students give Eva is always so positive and even
our teachers here at TimeForTalking often refer to her as being the best one in the teaching field.

We are giving you the chance now, to tap into her knowledge and teaching experience.
Benefit through these one-to-one consultations with the teaching expert Eva.

Eva has been teaching large classrooms, small groups and individuals, through one-to-one tuition alike.
She has been teaching German to absolute beginners, for intermediate learners, to improve conversational skills,
in preparation for exams like GCSE, A-level, AS, A2 level, German for business and for the very advanced learner as well.
She has been preparing many students for their Psychology A-level, AS and A2 exams,
and also taught Psychology to adult learners of 'introduction into Psychology', 'assertiveness', 'memory' etc.

Benefit from Eva's experience and fun-filled teaching.

Learning a new, foreign language can be difficult.

Learning a language by yourself is possible, however you do require the occasional
question and answer time with a language expert and teacher.

Let Eva give you this in a one-to-one consultation for your specific language study needs.

With your one-to-one consultation with Eva, you will benefit from a qualified and experienced support system at hand,
tailored to your specific language learning needs,
providing you with lots of advise, practical ideas, help, support and much more.

Learning a language might be difficult but it doesn't have to be impossible, boring or a never ending struggle.
Learn about the secret of successful language learning now and l
et Eva help you.

Eva will be able to answer your study questions.
May it be a specific question you have for your German studies,
or a general study question for any language you a trying to learn.

If you are learning a language by yourself this is a must have in your learning process.

So .... you have a language study problem? --- We have the solution !!
Tips and tailor-made and personal advice for you language study situation.

Speak to Eva and benefit from her experience and teaching knowledge.

Buy a consultation NOW and benefit from our reduced fees.

Act FAST as these low fees will go up soon.

Book now to benefit from these savings.

Have a one-to-one language study-help consultation:

Consultations will be by phone or via Skype/Vsee.
Re: calls: Eva might even call you so you won't have any call charges.
Re: Skype/Vsee: Calls via Skype/Vsee are free and can easily be recorded as well.
Reduced offer, as usually £45/hour:


Buy Eva's e-guide to help you with your language learning:

"Overcoming any struggles in learning a foreign language"



Eva's eBook: "Overcoming any struggles
when learning a foreign language"
Eva's eBook
will be emailed to you as a pdf-file.

"Overcoming Any Struggles in Learning a Foreign Language" A practical guide to language learning, by Eva M April aka TimeForTalking Language Services. Shown is the front cover.



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