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Reliable & efficient one-to-one & small group language tuition, as well as world-wide online tuition.
Also a translation service, teacher training,
study help.

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TimeForTalking is a language agency that was established initially in Great Britain.
We are covering mostly the south of England: like Surrey, Hampshire, London etc. as well as most major cities,
like Brighton, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Southampton to name a few,
always locating a language tutor near to you.
We also have tutors working for us in other countries world-wide.

We offer tuition in almost all languages.

Also offering online tutoring for more and more languages now.
Online tutoring having the great benefit of both client and tutor
staying at their own homes during lesson times,
hence not having to consider any travel/distance,thus saving immensely on cost and time.
Tuition is held 'at the computer', i.e. by using a software (free to download), a microphone/speakers
and also a webcam, so both client and tutor can see each other during lessons.

We are also providing one-to-one study-help consultations, as well as language teacher training consultations.
Also available is our useful advisory 'how to' e-guide,
helping you overcome any struggles you might experience when learning a language.

Here at TimeForTalking, we are confident we are
one of the most reliable and most efficient provider for language training.

The founder & proprietor of TimeForTalking is Eva (TFT) BA Hons.

Eva (TFT) is a language teacher & Psychology teacher herself as well as a Psychologist.



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