Transit Horoscope

This sample text shows you excerpts
taken from the Transit Horoscope based on Jennifer Garner'
s birth.

In this excerpt the focus lies on only a few, mainly the slowest planets.
However in your transit report it will include all the planets from your chart.

Current* Transits

Sun in 10th House
A time when practical vision may be at a high, during which you can see what needs to be done and just how to go about doing it.
Career and vocational issues may benefit from the increased clarity you possess.

Venus Opposition Moon
You may find yourself with a different set of values and at odds with younger people or with your surroundings.
You may not like the way they are or what they represent.

Venus Square Mercury
You may not place much value on ideas and thoughts. Something that someone says or communicates to you
may be unappreciated or taken the wrong way.

Venus Square Pluto
You value what is above-board and straightforward and have a particular aversion to what is secret, intense, and private.
You do not enjoy gossip or nosy neighbors just now.

Jupiter in 8th House
Career moves may depend upon your cutting through some of the fluff and really taking care of business, getting down to your most practical.
Ridding yourself of excess (what is nonessential) may be a key move.

Saturn Conjunction Jupiter
Here is an opportunity to bring some discipline and determination to the way you are going, your life's path or your career.
Now you can be selective and practical when it comes to your direction. A good time to start a business with a firm foundation.

Saturn Square Uranus
This may not be an easy time, for events and circumstances may conspire to block your sense of freedom and independence.
Someone challenges your ideas, finds them unconventional. It may not be easy to find new and suitable solutions to problems now.

Uranus in 1st House
Independence and originality manifest personally. You may adopt a more unconventional appearance or manner of communicating
and getting yourself across to others. You have more personal insight, are more inventive, and so on.

Uranus Conjunction Sun
A time of real breakthroughs, when insights into your self and your ambitions will be possible.
This is a time when authority figures and older people, especially men, may figure in your life.
The discovery of a teacher or vision of the future is possible.

Uranus Conjunction Ascendant
A time that can mean great change for you personally, during which you break away from the past and try new and different ways of presenting yourself. Breakthroughs in personal relations, perhaps through unconventional behavior and appearance, may occur.

Neptune in 11th House
A time for idealism of the highest order. You bring imagination to humanitarian and group goals.
You dream of what is best for all people, for the many.

Neptune Square Venus
Your current bout of idealism may carry you away to the point of damaging or obscuring your true life values.
Probably not the best time to make aesthetic or value judgments,
since your ability to appreciate may be blurred or unrealistic.
This refers to life in general but also to your love life and dealing with women.

Neptune Square Mars
Your current crop of dreams and ideals may not feel right to you or may seem to go against all that normally motivates you.
It may be easy to be misled and to find yourself pouring energy
and effort into directions that will bring no return.

Neptune Sextile Jupiter
Your career could become almost ideal, or you could find yourself taking an interest in more spiritual and mystical matters.
The direction of your life could turn more to questions of religion and world unity.
Occult and esoteric subjects may concern you. Searching for a deeper meaning to it all.

Pluto in 10th House
A relentless getting-down-to-essentials makes your sense of management and practical vision very deep now.
You have a sense of mass psychology, how to organize and manipulate sensitive areas of the public mind.
Could be mentally stressful for you.

Pluto Square Sun
A time when your basic life direction and sense of purpose may be tested by sensitive and very personal matters.
Questions of vulnerability and insecurity may hound you, trying to force you off your slated path. You may have to tread with care.

Pluto Square Uranus
Your own fears and insecurities come up against the rebel in you, with potentially explosive results.
The independent side of you cares little for your feelings about matters of protection and security.
Result: A real power struggle to negotiate.

Pluto Conjunction Midheaven
A deep inner change affecting your career goals and the way you set about fulfilling them.
A time of intense mental and psychological change, during which you see how your inner self works. A mental transformation.

Pluto Square Ascendant
Home and job come under intense scrutiny and pressure as you find yourself digging into everything
that is most personal and private about yourself. A time to get down to basics and strip away all that is nonessential.
Not much of a social time.

* Transits drawn up begining of 2019.
Some transits can be felt up to one year before and after their occurence.



Please remember this is only an extract, a complete report will be between 24-26 A4 pages long,
covering all planets

Transit Horoscope

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