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Lenormand cards

The Lenormand cards got introduced by Mademoiselle Marie-Anne Lenormand
(born 27th May 1772, died 25th June 1843 in Paris).
She was a renowned diviner for Napolean and predicted his fall.
The classical Lenormand card deck depicts different scenes and combines symbolism on pictures with printed on playing card pictures.

The small Lenormand consists of 36 cards and this is most commonly used. However there is also another slightly larger Lenormand deck available, consisting of 54 cards.

The individual cards are called:
1 -horseman / rider, 2 - clover, 3 - ship,
4 - house, 5
- tree, 6 - clouds, 7 - snake, 8 - coffin,
9 - flowers / bouquet, 10 - scythe, 11- rods,
12- birds / owls, 13 - child, 14 - fox, 15 - bear,
16 - stars, 17 - storks, 18 - dog, 19 - tower,
20 - garden / park, 21 - mountain, 22 - cross roads, 23 - mice,
24 - heart, 25 - ring, 26 - book, 27 - letter, 28 - man / gentleman,
29 - woman / lady, 30 - lily,
31 - sun, 32 - moon, 33 - key, 34 - fish, 35 - anchor, 36 - cross.


Lenormand cards, picture sample, The CloverLenormand cards, picture sample, The ShipLenormand cards, picture sample, The HouseLenormand cards, picture sample, The CloudsLenormand cards, picture sample, The Snake

Here are some card samples, to see the style of the Lenormand cards.
Shown here is the blue owl deck.

Lenormand cards, picture sample, The BearLenormand cards, picture sample, The StorksLenormand cards, picture sample, The TowerLenormand cards, picture sample, The Park

Pictures: © 1970 AGM AGMüler Urania

Photos of Eva's very own TimeForTalking Lenormand Card Decks are shown below.
You can purchase them here

There a various lenormand card decks available, differing in the way the scenes on each card are displayed. For example the blue owl, red owl (including a short rhyme on the cards), mystical lenormand, Iris lenormand, Urania lenormand, astrological lenormand etc.

The 19th century fortune telling deck has been
rather popular in card reading circles.

The Lenormand cards pretty much work like Tarot cards.
They can give answers to specific questions, show the past,
present & future and much more.

Due to their various meanings of pictures, symbolism, card combinations, numbers as well as playing card symbols (suits: Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, Clubs; court cards: Queen, King, Jack & Ace etc), astrological meanings etc. there is almost nothing that couldn't
be seen or described in the cards, with there being several thousand meanings for all combinations.

There are also numerous spreads card readers use with the lenormand cards, like the classic lenormand spread with 8 or 9 cards in the first row, the celtic cross, etc. Every card reader will use one or more known or even self-created spreads.

Below you see a photo of all 36 lenormand cards, from the blue owl deck.
Lenormand cards, the blue owl deck, lenormand cards 1-36


Below you see a photo of all 36 lenormand cards,
from the Ass deck.
Below you see a photo of all 36 lenormand cards,
from the Iris deck.
Lenormand cards, the Ass deck, lenormand cards 1-36
Lenormand cards, the Iris deck, lenormand cards 1-36

Photos of Eva's very own TimeForTalking Lenormand Card Decks are shown below.
You can purchase them here.

TimeForTalking Lenormand  - Photo Edition -  sample cards TimeForTalking Lenormand  - Cartoon Edition -  sample cards TimeForTalking Lenormand  - Cartoon Spotlight Edition -  sample cards


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Kipper cards

The Kipper cards consist also of 36 cards.

They show various people, houses and locations.

The individual cards are called:
1 main person (male), 2 main person (female),
3 marriage, 4 get-together, 5 well meaning gentleman,
6 well meaning lady, 7 pleasant letter, 8 false person,
9 change, 10 journey, 11 winning lots of money,
12 rich girl, 13 wealthy and well meaning man,
14 sad news, 15 happy ending in love, 16 his thoughts,
17 receiving a gift, 18 small child, 19 death,
20 house, 21 living room, 22 military person,
23 court, 24 theft, 25 high honours, 26 a lot of good luck,
27 unexpected money, 28 expectation, 29 prison,
30 court's person, 31 short illness, 32 distress,
33 blue thoughts, 34 work, occupation,
35 a long way, 36 hope, large water.


Below you can see a photo of all 36 kipper cards.

Kipper cards, Kipper card deck, Kipper cards 1-36

Shown here is the entire kipper card deck, cards 1 - 36.

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Gypsy fortune telling cards

The Gypsy fortune telling cards also consist out of 36 cards.

They show various scenes and with this deck there are no card numbers but only the name of the card translated into six different languages printed at the bottom of each card.

The individual cards are called:
constancy, visit, letter, message,
thief, jealousy, some money, falseness,
enemy, merriment, thought, ecclesiastic,
money, sweetheart, lover, gift, fortune,
house, marriage, hope, baby, malady,
love, officer, journey, judge, desire,
death, sadness, fidelity, misfortune,
unexpected joy, anger, loss,
widow, widower


Below you can see a photo of all 36 gypsy fortune telling cards.

Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards, Gypsy Fortune Telling card deck, all gypsy fortune telling cards

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Interesting facts on Tarot & playing cards

Fortune telling by means of card readings (Tarot and playing cards etc.) is going back a long time.
It seems almost impossible to pinpoint their exact origin and date.
A Tarot card deck consists of 78 cards; each one showing a picture.
With understanding its symbolism and the deeper meaning enhanced by the various cards' combination it allows Tarot card readers to reveal facts about the past, present and future.
Nowadays there are hundreds of card decks on the market (Rider-Waite Deck to name a very famous one). Their pictures migth look slightly different due to the times they were created in and the theme they were created upon.
However they all follow the same concept in readings.

Many associations can be found between the Tarot and astrological symbols and there are strong links between the Tarot and ordinary playing cards.

Card readings with playing cards (cartomancy) has been around even longer. It is said that originally the playing cards were developed for divination purposes only, before they were used for playing card games.

There are some rather interesting facts about those playing cards, specially for sceptical viewers:
*Each suit consists of 13 cards
~each year has exactly 13 lunar months!
~each quarter of the year has exactly 13 weeks!

*The deck has 12 court cards (featuring jacks, queens and kings)
~we have 12 months in a year!
~as well as 12 zodiac houses!

*The deck has 52 cards
~there are 52 weeks in a year!
*The card deck contains 4 suits
~there are the 4 seasons of the year!
~also the 4 divisions of each day: morning, afternoon, evening and night!
~there are also the 4 elements of water, fire, air and earth!

*Finally the 4 suits represent
~ the 4 stages of life:
diamonds: youth, clubs: adulthood, hearts: maturity and spades: old age!

Tarot card decks:
On the right you will see some tarot card samples for you to view some different tarot cards styles. The cards used in the top zodiac spread and the bottom celtic cross spread are from the Rider Waite Tarot.

The two sample cards in the middle are from the Aquarian Tarot..

  Rider Waite Tarot card deck, zodiac spread  
Aquarian Tarot card deck, cups 4
Aquarian Tarot card deck, swords 9
  Rider Waite Tarot card deck, celtic cross spread  

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Angel Oracle cards

Like the Tarot, Oracle cards have been used as ancient divination tools.

Angel Oracle cards allow us to receive peaceful messages from the angelic realms, and if Fairy cards are used from the elemental realms.

Divine messages from our angels are always positive, encouraging and peaceful. There is no need to worry about receiving any negative messages.
The angels aim is to help and encourage you and not the opposite.

Angels are around all of us! There are numerous numbers of angels only waiting to assist us.The only thing we have to do it ask for their assistance.

Everyone of us has at least one guardian angel,
being at our side through all our life times.

Fairies are also angels, like our guardian angels and archangels.
They are called nature or Earth angels.
Being always very keen on celebrating, they usually focus more on
trying to bring the aspect of fun back into our lives.

Whereas angels mostly want to remind us of our divine life purpose.

Always wondered what your life purpose was? With a reading you can find out.

We also receive messages from our angels around us, all of the time,
but as we are often not 'tuned' in, we might not notice any of them.

Give it a try - you might be surprised how much the angels are with you and what they have to tell you! Your angels are awaiting you!

An Angel (Oracle Card) Reading can do the following:
*answer a question you might have
*give you an urgent message from your angel(s)
*release you of worries and anxiety
*boost your confidence
*clarify any decision or situation for you
*show you your possible future
(based upon your current thoughts, feelings and behaviour)
*tell you your divine life purpose

Angel picture

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Triangle of Life cards

Triangle of Life cards have a purpose of guidance only and are not meant to be predictive.
The cards combine elements of Chakras, Feng Shui, Intuitive Awareness, Numerology and Reiki.
They are triangular in shape and also the layout of the card readings' spread is in that shape, hence their name.

They can offer guidance for the areas of Love, Wealth & Health.
For those areas you can also find out about your lucky numbers, dates and colours.

Triangle of Life cards are advisable for people who don't necessarily want to find out about their future to come,
and who don't wish to use one of the more typical card decks of the tarot for example. A card reading with these cards is for someone who would like to have a clearer and better insight into the areas of Love, Wealth & Heatlh in their current life situation. With this gained knowledge making changes in one's life is usually much more easy, as you know what you are up against.

Man viewing his mirror immage, picture

Below you can see some card samples, to see the style of the Triangle of Life cards:
Triangle of life card, destiny
Triangle of life card, fulfilment
Triangle of life card, growth
Triangle of life card, healing
Triangle of life card, joy
Triangle of life card, loss
Triangle of life card, luck
Triangle of life card, spirituality



using the following modalities:



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