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  • Below our free information on crystals & chakras
    for you.

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General information on crystals:

  • The word crystal stems from the Greek language and stands for 'ice'.
    It was the belief that such a stone was only water frozen into this solid form, now beyond melting.
    This early idea was kept alive as late as the 18th century.
    Even then some scientists maintained clear rock crystal
    being fossilized ice!
  • Precious stones have been on the trading markets of the word
    for more than 5000 years now.
  • The New Millenium has shown an increasing interest in Spirituality.
    With this the interest in crystals, gem stones, precious stones
    and also particularily the stones'
    meanings or rather their usages
    and more precisely their energy and powers,
    has grown essentially as well.
  • Using the power and energies of crystals
    can be a way for empowerment in your personal lives.
  • Don't miss out!
    Empower yourselves now!

Crystals for Chakra healing/clearing:

  • Chakra has a Sanskrit orign and its meaning is 'wheel'.
  • There are 7 primary chakra points in our bodies.
    They are located on an imaginary vertical line,
    also called spriritual energy channel,
    which runs
    from the top or our heads down to the bottom of our spine.
  • The chakra energy points are actually spinning wheels.
  • Chakras support our mental, emotional as well as our physical state.
    But as they can also become blocked, diseases can be caused by this.

Following a brief outline of those 7 main chakras:

  • *Crown Chakra (Sahasrara):
    Location: top of the head
    Associated with: spiritual energy
    will make you feel content, it's the gateway to wellbeing
    confusion, depression, boredom
    Gland/organ: pineal gland
    Colour: violet
  • Crystal: Charoite, Kunzite, Rock Crystal

  • *Brow Chakra or the Third Eye (Ajna):
    Location: centre of the forehead, between eyebrows
    Associated with: psychic abilities, dreams, memory, spiritual intuition
    raised vibrational frequency, improved memory
    feeling of disharmony, headaches or migraines, recurring nightmares, sleeping disorders, depression, anxiety, blurred vision
    Gland/organ: pituitary gland
    Colour: purple (indigo)
  • Crystal: Amethyst, Lepidolite, Purple Fluorite


  • *Throat Chakra (Visuddha):
    Location: inside the throat
    Associated with: communication & self-expression, self-worth
    ability to speak from the 'heart', self-confidence
    sore throat, stiff neck, hearing problems,
    feeling shy, speech defects
    Gland/organ: thyroid gland
    Colour: blue
  • Crystal: Sapphire, Sodalite, Turquoise

  • *Heart Chakra (Anahata):
    Location: middle of the body/chest
    Associated with: love
    giving and receiving love, feeling joy, kindness,
    happiness & contentment because of this.

    Furthermore, this particular chakra has the ability to increase the frequencies of the 3 lower chakra

    low and high blood pressure
    Gland/organ: thymus gland, immune system, circulation of blood
    Colour: green
  • Crystal: Aventurine, Emerald, Jade, Malachite

  • *Solar Plexus or Navel Chakra (Manipura):
    Location: navel
    Associated with: creativity, will power, child bonding, parents
    ability to go beyond materialistic issues towards spiritual ones
    emotional insecurity, indigestion, panic attacks, phobias
    Gland/organ: pancreas gland, digestion
    Colour: bright yellow
  • Crystal: Iron Pyrites, Rutilated Quarz, Yellow Amber, Yellow Topaz

  • *Sacral or Pelvic or Polarity Chakra (Swadishthana):
    Location: in the lower abdomen
    Associated with: conception, psychological sexual maturity
    feeling 'sexy'
    lower back pain, confusion, mood swings
    Gland/organ: pancreas, immune system
    Colour: orange
  • Crystal: Sunstone, Tiger's Eye, Orange Jasper

  • *Root or Base Chakra (Muladhara):
    Location: base of the spine
    Associated with: foundation of our entire being of living
    feeling of satisfaction, similar to the feeling after a workout, acting wisely and focused
    Blocked: anxiety, fearfulness, bladder problems, constipation, weight problems

    Gland/organ: adrenal gland, kidneys, colon
    Colour: red
  • Crystal: Carnelian, Dragon's Eye, Garnet, Ruby
  • As you will have seen the chakra energy points can be blocked and generally can do with a booster.
  • Thus placing the appropriate crystal on the according location on the body can already enhance the energetic qualities of the stones.
    Combined with meditation, it can help even more.

How to store & keep crystals:

  • Usually crystals don't require more than a bit of dusting.
  • To charge a crystal with some talismanic energy
    it helps to carry the stone on or with you,
    when you engage in the activity for which it was bought.
  • It will be your personal choice whether to display crystals
    in a bowl, in a jewellery box
    or keep them constantly with you either as jewellery
    on you or in a silk pouch, for you to take out and handle
    whenever required, to use their energy.

How to purify crystals used as talismans:
  • Crystals are believed to store certain healing energy.
  • But they also soak up energy from their environment
    and this energy might be negative one.
  • Therefore it's a good idea to purify your crystals.
  • You can use Air, Earth, Fire or Water
    for this purification process.
  • By creating your own 'cleansing stones',
    you will have your own in-house cure for this task.
  • Simply scatter around any stone that needs purifying.
  • In our email guide:
    **how to purify your crystals
    we give you instructions on how to create your own cleansing stones.

Crystals for Astrology/Star Crystals:

  • Crystals can also be used with astrology, to encourge certain qualities in that field.
  • When talking about Star Crystals three major stones are referred to:
  • the sun sign crystal
    (it's your birth stone,
    referring to your sign of the zodiac
    your sun was in at your birth)
  • the ruling crystal,
    referring to the ruling planet of your Sun sign.
  • the moon crystal,
    referring to the zodiacal sign in your birth chart, the moon lies in.

Below you will see a list of signs of the zodiac
with their connected stones:

  • *Aries:
    Birth stone:Diamond
    Ruling stone: Ruby (Mars)
    Moon stone: White Marble
  • *Taurus:
    Birth stone: Amber
    Ruling stone: Emerald (Venus)
    Moon stone: Desert Rose
  • *Gemini:
    Birth stone: Citrine
    Ruling stone: Double Terminator, Rock Crystal (Mercury)
    Moon stone: Apophyllite
  • *Cancer:
    Birth stone: Pearl
    Ruling stone: Moonstone (Moon)
    Moon metal: Silver

  • *Leo:
    Birth metal: Gold
    Birth stone: Golden Topaz
    Ruling stone: Tiger's Eye (Sun)
    Moon stone: Diamond
  • *Virgo:
    Birth stone: Jade
    Ruling stone: Rock Crystal Egg (Mercury)
    Moon stone: Stilbite, Milky Quartz
  • *Libra:
    Birth stone: Opal
    Ruling stone: Chrysoprase (Venus)
    Moon stone: Selenite
  • *Scorpio:
    Birth stone: Golden Beryl, Aquamarine
    Ruling stone: Serpentine (Pluto)
    Moon stone: White Opal
  • *Sagittarius:
    Birth stone: Rutilated Quartz, Turquoise
    Ruling stone: Sapphire (Jupiter)
    Moon stone: White Calcite
  • *Capricorn:
    Birth stone: Yellow Jasper, Garnet
    Ruling stone: Jet (Saturn)
    Moon stone: White Chalcedony
  • *Aquarius:
    Birth stone: Brown Zircon, Sugilite
    Ruling stone: Kunzite (Uranus)
    Moon stone: Optical Calcite
  • *Pisces:
    Birth stone:Amethyst
    Ruling stone: Black Opal (Neptune)
    Moon stone: White Aragonite

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