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  • Is the connection between
    letters of the alphabet with the numbers 1-9.
  • This technique stems from the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, whose chart we are using in all of our interpretations. A Pythagonian chart shows the numerical equivalent of the letters:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  • With the help of this chart any word can be interpreted
    according to its numerological meaning.

  • Example: Monday, applied to the chart above:
    M=4 +O=6 +N=5 +D=4 +A=1 +Y=7 =27
    Monday has the numerological value of 9.
  • We are all under the influence of numbers in our lives,
    through our names, addresses, etc.
  • With Numerology the deeper meaning of our lives, ourselves,
    or anything around us can be found.


  • Astronumerology

  • is a further technique by which the astrological Sun sign
    gets combined with the number of your birthdate.

Using Numerology can show yet another map of your life.

  • Personalilty Number
    ~taken from the exact date in the month you were born
    example: born on 9th = number 9
    born on 25th = 2+5= number 7

  • The personality number portrays characteristics
    of your personality,
    which you were born with & inherited from your parents,
    and those you develop as life goes on.
  • Life Path Number
    (also known as *Birth Path Number)
    ~by adding up the whole of your date of birth
    Example: 27-05-1772
    2+7+5+1+7+7+2= 31
    31= 3+1 = number 4
  • The life path number shows the direction or purpose in life.
    Bringing awareness to this aspect can help you
    get clarity about your whole life,
    and give you a deeper meaning to your full potential.
  • Wisdom Number
    (also known as *Destiny or Name Number)
    ~by translating each letter of your full name (from your birth certificate) into their numerological value.
  • The wisdom number highlights practical qualities or gifts
    you have or may accumulate
    and which you can use in your lifetime.

  • Heart's Desire Number
    (also known as *Soul Number)
    ~by adding up the numerological value of vowels
    in your full name (from your birth certificate)

  • One can calculate daily, monthly, yearly trends as well.

  • The current year of 2021 (2+2+1 = 5) is characterized by
    doubt, uncertainty, change, quick thinking and humour.
    This being a general trend only, without taking into consideration everyone's own numerological numbers.

  • One can also calculate personal year numbers
    and thus give a yearly prospect to individuals.

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