Parent Coaching - to assist your children on their paths

  • With the aid of child astrology assisting parents to cater for their children in a way that is 100% tailored to their children's needs & requirements.


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child astrology for parent coaching

+ What every parent needs to know. +
+ How to assist your children on their paths. +

How child astrology can benefit any parent.

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+ Every parent needs to know this for their child/children +

Astrological help for the upbringing of your children. Helping children, parents, your home life.
An astrological reading helps parents to find out how to encourage and help their children most effectively.
Practical tips for parents with the aid of child astrology.

When a baby is born the parents surround a thousand and one questions.

- How do I bring up my child, fully tailored to its needs ?
- What are the strengths and the weaknesses of my child ?
- What is important to know about my unique child ?
- What is there to focus on with my child ?
- How can I support my child, when it is stressed ?
- What kind of past life memories can I expect my child to have ?
- What does my child need, to feel safe and secure ?
- How does my child think, feel, learn, socialize and let off steam ?

There are a lot of questions.

It can be rather difficult or even overwhelming to bring up your child the best way,
fully tailored to their needs and requirements,
and not according to what the parent thinks would be the most suitable way forward.

This is where I can present to you our Parent Coaching - with the aid of child astrology.

Which offers:
insightful and useful, practical help with the upbringing of your children.
Helping your children, helping you as parents, improving your home life.

You will find out:
how to encourage and help your children most effectively, and this in your daily life.

So you see, help and answers are available,
there is no need to struggle with guessing work on your own.

Our parent coaching can enlighten you with clear and precise answers
to all of your questions concerning your children and much more.

Practical tips for your daily life are not only helpful but make life much easier.

Also your children will thank you for this immensely, once they are grown up ;-).

Let me assist you, by enlighten you about your unique and wonderful child.

You can book an astrological write-up (=equivalent to an 1 hour's reading)
to get a first idea on how to assist your child right from the start on his/her path.
Advantage for this is, that you have all the facts written out, for you to keep
and go over, when ever necessary.

Or give this as a gift voucher to your friends or family.
Anyone who just had a baby or has (young or even older) children will appreciate and benefit
from these rather insightful and helpful details.

Thus it makes a much valued and absolutely unique gift idea as well,
for any new parent, or as a voucher for a baby-shower gift.

For more details on astrology, read here.




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