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Holistic - psychological and spiritual self-help through psychic angels astrology readings and counselling. Inspiration for your body, mind and soul. TimeForTalking.com Guidance Services
Spiritual life coaching and counselling can enable you to live a happy life again. Helping you to let happiness, love, harmony, balance, understanding, growth, wealth, success, friendship and more back into your life.

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*Metaphysical - Spiritual - Holistic* - Talk Therapy -
Life Coaching - Counselling - EFT
for your body, mind and soul, by phone or via Skype

+ Here to assist you through any situation in your life +

- caring - comprehensive - confidential -


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What is metaphysical life coaching, spiritual counselling or spiritual talk therapy?

Spiritual counselling and talk therapy combines the psychological approach with the holistic, spiritual approach.
With this not only bearing your childhood into mind, but also looking at your whole being through your
lifepath, soul's life plan, life's purpose, current energies, previous incarnations, karma, spiritual situation,
astrological and psychic insights of your life/s, traits and abilities, strengths and weaknesses,
angel messages for you and your life and much more.

Same goes for the therapeutic process of spiritual counselling. By incorporating spiritual knowledge of various fields of knowledge your entire spiritual being (soul, mind, spirit/soul) can find healing.

Very importantly spiritual counselling and talk therapy can save you alot of time, as causes and reasons for certain issues in ones life can be recognized straight away, so they can be talked about accordingly straight away.
Trying to find out the cause of a situation only through letting the client talk about his or her life, like it's the case in traditional psychological counselling, takes alot longer and so that way it also takes alot longer for anything to change in ones life.

To help you clear away any emotional past issues, we also offer EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/tapping therapy) in our spiritual counselling therapy.


Who can benefit from metaphysical / spiritual counselling, talk therapy and/or EFT ?

Everyone !

Honestly everyone can benefit from metaphysical life coaching / spiritual counselling / holistic talk therapy, as receiving a deep insight into one's soul will enrich everyone's life. Only this process of making you consciously aware about everything that makes you the 'unique spiritual you' that you are, will enable you to learn how to feel happiness, love, harmony, balance, understanding, growth, wealth, success, friendship and more (once again).

Many people however do come to spiritual counselling and life coaching as there is a situation in their lives which they like to change or try to understand. In this case spiritual life coaching will show you the spiritual reason behind it all,
to learn how to change something or how to learn to live with something
while gaining and keeping a positive and empowered mind.

We all have experiences in life that bothered us and it always helps to clear the past, so you are open for a wonderful new 'here and now'. Basically rather than 'holding' onto your bag of past issues with both hands, get rid of that entire bag and have your hands free for wonderful new and positive experiences.



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What situation or question brings people to seek
metaphysical life coaching or spiritual counselling?

Here are some example questions, clients might have:

  • What are the reasons behind the challenges I face?
  • What is my life purpose and how can I follow it?
  • What is my karma and how can I heal my karmic challenges?
  • I always seem to pick or end up with wrong or unsuitable partners. How can I break this cycle?
  • How can I break free from my fear of...... ?
  • What are my innate traits I might not be aware of?
  • I like to give my children the best upbringing and so I like to know what I can do to help them.
  • I like to learn about the inner feelings of my child. Will we get on in future?
  • How can I break free from my fears and anxieties in life?
  • How can I get rid of these unexplained physical body symptoms of mine?
  • Why don't I get on with ....?
  • Why is there this big family feud in my family for generations now already?
  • I like to experience happiness in my life, how can I achieve this?
  • My past is always holding me back. How can I rid myself of these burdens from my past?
  • I really like to understand what makes my partner/friend/child tick, so we can enjoy each others company more.
  • Why do I always feel/behave in a certain way?
  • It feels like I am stuck in my life, what can I do?
  • I am very lonely and don't know how to change this feeling of loneliness.
  • I have recently retired but don't seem to be finding my way, how can I change this?
  • I have lost a loved one but don't seem to be able to move on with my own life. Can they help me?
  • I have very low self-esteem, can you help me?
  • What is my soul's chosen path?
  • I am single (again) and like to spend my time in a more fulfilling way, what do I do?
  • I have been bullied at work and don't seem to get over that, what can I do?
  • I don't get on with my adult children, is there a solution to this?
  • I have small children but seem to be loosing my own personality while looking after them. Can you help me?



You like to change something in your life but don't know how ?
You like to receive a spiritual & professional helping hand ?
You like to receive spiritual guidance for your life ?

You like to understand & overcome a certain situation/

difficulty in your life ?

You like to get support and receive ideas about solutions ?

~ ~ ~ ~ Whatever it is, I can help and empower you. ~ ~ ~ ~

You actually have the answers to all of your questions right inside of you,
let me show you your inner source of wisdom to enrich your life and so you can meet your full potential.


My approach in metaphysical life coaching, spiritual counselling and talk therapy:

Depending on your situation, questions or concern, the main objective will be talking about those concerns.
However you will also receive alot of spiritual information about yourself, your life, the situation etc.
We might start with me giving you a psychic reading using cards, angels, astrology.
We might also be talking about your family and even your childhood, but with my eye always on your astrology chart and my psychic knowledge as well, I will know what exact areas are important for you to get into.
I will show you (perhaps even consciously unknown) important facts about your life.
And by pointing them out and explaining them to you and us talking about those,
you will be able to learn and understand the spiritual reasons behind any situation in your life.
With that knowledge I will then begin to show you practical day-to-day steps,
which are to be followed in your own time, kind of like your homework in-between counselling sessions.
By doing this, you will learn to work through and overcome any situation, feeling, concern etc. in your life.

I will also teach you how to use EFT therapy (tapping therapy) for self-healing and improvement of your life.

There is always a new and possibly better working way when dealing with difficult situations in life.

Let me help you by showing you your individual way to deal with them or anything or anyone in your life.

By following my guidance you will gain a very positive philosophy and approach to life (again),
for you to be able to fully experience and feel happiness, love, harmony, balance,
understanding, growth, wealth, success, friendship etc. again in your life.

You don't need to suffer any longer.
Help is available, let me help you to help yourself finding the empowered (new) you (again).


Whenever you are ready to place your booking, please go to the shop page.


How long does it take?
How many sessions of metaphysical life coaching, spiritual counselling or talk therapy will I need?

This always depends on the individual and the exact reason and concern bringing him or her to spiritual counselling.

Without trying to change anything in your life, just to learn spiritual information about your life,
a one hour session is often already enough.

For an even deeper look at certain situations perhaps a couple more sessions would work well.

When trying to overcome fears/situations/issues/concerns/feelings/behaviour, learning how to empower yourself on a daily basis, we will require more sessions. It really depends on the issue itself and on your motivation to change something.
The more willing you are to also do the homework exercises in-between sessions, the quicker this process.
Some clients need perhaps 6 sessions to get them off to a good start, some require 8 or 12, some even more.

Depending on your issues, using EFT in our counselling sessions with you, can speed up the healing process immensely.

Individual counselling sessions are usually one hour. However by purchasing a block of hours, depending on your situation, some clients sometimes find it helpful to only have a 30 minute session in-between as well.
Simply when they like to receive some support, help and feedback on something that just happened to them
or about a feeling they have. Or perhaps they just like to receive some angel messages to uplift their day.

Sessions are as long as you booked and paid for them
Usual length is 1 hour, with many clients scheduling a weekly session.
You purchase 'time packages' and have the length of sessions as required.
Purchasing a bigger 'time package' also helps clients often to stay committed to their counselling sessions,
plus sessions can more easily continue without interruption to organize another payment.


How do I receive metaphysical life coaching, spiritual counselling or talk therapy ?

Just place your booking conveniently and securely in our shop.

With all the counselling package fees you need to understand that you are getting a 4 for 1 deal.
As any one hour booked session requires
1) the creation of a tailor-made program for your individual needs and requirements preparation,
then there is also the 2) pre-appointment astrological calculations and preparation work
and the 3) preparation time before and after the appointment.
All of this takes several hours, but you only pay for your actual appointment time, the other 3 services are provided to you free of charge.

All spiritual counselling and life coaching is conveniently provided to you by phone or via Skype/ or 100% encrypted via the much better choice of Vsee.
This way you can stay in the comfort of your own home. You also save on travel time and travel costs and you also do not need to meet me, the spiritual counsellor, face-to-face. Experience has shown that clients prefer it this way.

  • Counselling by phone: I might even call you. This is possible for me in many countries.
  • Counselling via Skype/or 100% encrypted via Vsee: means no phone charges for you and sound quality is usually crystal clear and much better than by phone. Plus you can record the session yourself, for you to keep it as an audio/MP3 file, which clients often find very helpful.
  • For using EFT therapy, we can meet via Vsee video conference, so you see the tapping procedure in the sessions.
    For this you will just require a webcam, headset or speakers and microphone as well as an email to set up your free Vsee account.
  • For counselling by phone where I cannot call you (though this is possible for me in many countries
    , you will have the choice between different phone numbers (landline numbers) in the following countries:
  • UK, USA, Germany.
  • United Kingdom:
    (landline area code: 01420 or local* rate 0845 phone number)

    (*calls will cost x amount per minute (check with your phone company)
    plus your telephone company's access charge)
  • United States (landline area code: 631)
  • Germany (landline area codes: 02361 or 0231)

Whenever you are ready to place your booking, please go to the shop page.


Who is your metaphysical life coach, spiritual counsellor
and psychological & metaphysical talk therapist and practitioner?

I am Eva,
your metaphysical life coach, spiritual counsellor, EFT practitioner, holistic talk therapist and advisor.

I am an internationally known Psychologist (classical & metaphysical / spiritual life coaching, counselling and talk therapy), Counsellor, Psychic Card & Angel Reader, Published Author, Spiritual Advisor, Astrologer but foremost a lightworker, helping people world-wide through difficult times of past, present or future events, answering their questions, and helping them to empower themselves by letting them know the spiritual insights into their book of life and guiding them to feel happiness and a light-filled life (again) despite of any challenges they face.

Should you feel you are unsure and have some questions that were unanswered on this page,
please contact me,
so we can talk about how exactly I can help you and your situation.

I look forward to assisting you soon as well
Eva aka TimeForTalking

Eva's personal background

  • Back in early childhood I started together with my family,
    to discover the world of cartomacy (card reading), pendulum and astrology.
  • I also experienced my first angel contact as a very young child already. Communicating with my little friend, to others invisible though. As I grew older, like it's often the case, being enforced by adults, that it's time to 'grow out of this' now.
  • Later in life however I kept continuing to broaden my knowledge on religions and psychology.
  • After studying psychology at the University of Reading, several years of working as a psychologist followed,
    providing classical psychological counselling and talk therapy.
  • Furthermore I worked as a psychology as well as language teacher and also in 1996 founded my own company 'timefortalking'.
  • Through synchronicities in my own life did I come to angel literature, which lead me to undergo a spiritual and holistic study which subsequently truly showed me my spiritual life path as a lightworker again.
  • Thus all the spiritual fields of knowledge formed a new foundation in my life. Classical psychological counselling for example opened up the door to spiritual counselling and talk therapy, which always proves to show much more complex insights.
  • My personal spiritual and holistic studies brought me also back to psychic card readings, angels, chakra & crystal work, astrology, reincarnation & past life regression, past life & karmic astrology, numerology and water crystals.
  • Even nowadays I continuously carry on my studies in all of the above mentioned fields and more.
  • Born in 1970, or rather being in this current incarnation since 1970, I had my own share of several ups and downs in life, which have broadened my horizon on a personal, spiritual but also professional level.
  • Nowadays my daily life is strongly based upon spirituality and the angelic realms.
  • After I consciously chose for over 20 years to follow an
    ovo-lacto vegetarian diet,
    this naturally changed, in accordance with my lived spirituality and angelic advice, into following a vegan diet and lifestyle now.
  • Overall I try to lead a healthy life, i.e. to live according to my spirituality with thoughts, action, fitness etc.
  • In any appointment you will benefit from all of this gained knowledge, my years of experience, studies and work.
  • I am rather perceptive, empathic, friendly, caring
    and positive.
    Furthermore my readings and coaching sessions also always include specific hints for your individual life as well.
  • But why not read some testimonials of previous clients about their experience with services provided to them.


What are the benefits of metaphysical life coaching, spiritual counselling or spiritual and holistic talk therapy?

  • Spiritual counselling gives you all the benefits like classical counselling but on a much deeper/more spiritual level
  • you will also gain full knowledge on any other person connected with your situation, to learn about their true feelings and reasons to act in certain ways etc.
  • can furthermore tell you your subconscious thoughts, underlying reasons and feelings as well as your subconscious approach to life and that specific situation
  • can show and point out your future, emotions, outcomes on situations etc.
  • can not only give you human, psychological advise, but also divine messages from the angelic realms for example
  • can help you to life a more successful and happier life, understanding the laws of the Universe that effect us daily
  • will help for you to deal or overcome diffcult times/situations/issues in your life
  • can explain issues/challenges/obstacles of any kind within for example your family, childhood, work, relationship, offering you practical hints on how to work on those.
  • can re-assure you
  • can tell you your life's purpose, karma and past life experiences
  • can give you confidence and inspiration
  • can teach you self-esteem
  • can give you a positive outlook once again
  • can just help, as you are talking with someone not involved in the situation
  • can help you with practical tips, to get rid of negative past experiences. feelings, behaviours in your life (childhood, family, relationship, work etc.)
  • assists you to overcome wrongly perceived blames or guilty feelings
  • can help you to cure psychosomaticly caused illnesses - GPs usually don't take time for this, but only hand out medication for the pain, which doesn't cure the source of the problem
  • help you to be stronger, more positive, more outgoing, uplifted, empowered etc.
  • can help you to see your situation from an entirely different angle, and this way helping you to see the light at the end of the tunnel
  • find a new outlook/approach to life
  • help you through any losses & much more

Holistic life coaching or spiritual/psychic counselling can enable you to live a happy life again.
Helping you to let happiness, love, harmony, balance, understanding, growth, wealth, success, friendship
and more back into your life.

  Do you like to book a time package for your coaching now ? Just go to the shop.


What kind of holistic life coaching or psychic counselling can I expect?
  • friendly, encouraging, empathic, professional, caring, individually centred, compassionate, confidential,
    psychologically founded counselling
    will be provided to you.
  • Eva's knowledge and experience as a Psychologist, Talk Therapist as well as a Spiritual Counsellor and Psychic Reader will intertwine into the conversation/counselling with you

& depending on the time available:

  • Eva will be looking at the situation/issue/challenges with you, talking about your family, yourself, your childhood etc.
  • Furthermore will Eva look at the entire situation spiritually as well, using her spiritual knowledge and experience of varies holistic fields of knowledge These holistic areas are for example:
    Psychic Card Readings, Angels, Karma, Universal Laws, Astrology, Reincarnation, Pendulum, Chakra & Crystal work, Water Crystals, spiritual living, Claircognizance.
  • useful and positive hints, tips and possible exercises and practical daily advise might also be given to you
  • angel messages will be given
  • your astrological charts will be lookd at, to give you an even deeper understanding for your life and current situation
  • useful crystals might be named to help you for certain issues or situations or to help you connect
    with a certain angelic energy
  • possible affirmations might be given to you to use for your situation
  • in the case of trying to overcome anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, eating disorders, depression etc. therapeutic steps
    will be used & much more.


Holistic life coaching or spiritual counselling, psychic life coaching, spiritual guidance,
spiritual talk therapy, EFT tapping therapy:
caring, friendly, solution orientated - world-wide by phone, via Skype or 100% encrypted via Vsee.

Whenever you are like to place your booking, please go to the shop.

Further details on talk therapy, counselling
& life coaching:

  • Counselling/Life coaching/Talk Therapy means communicating about certain issues in your life, where you feel you would like to change anything or be able to cope with in a better and more positive way.
  • However it is all about finding inspiration for personal growth and thus getting empowered to face your life and challenges in particular in a productive and positive way for you and your soul.
  • In a way it's about providing you with the wisdom of hidden information and subsequently teaching you self-help techniques for your personal life path.
  • It's all about receiving professional support, while doing this you will also realize that you are not alone feeling the way you do.
  • It very much has to be an individual's decision and cannot be forced upon anyone by someone else. People who out of their own free will, seek assistance in their lives or at a certain stage in their lives, can benefit from counselling i.e. from this kind of communication.
  • The approach I use is a very
    spiritual*^* and a psychodynamic^^one
    (**looking at the entire person and his/her life)
    (*^* taking the spiritual side of the person into account as well, by looking also at the soul, the soul's plan, karma, angel messages, astrology, psychic knowledge through card readings etc.)
    (^^bearing past experiences way back into childhood into account).
  • I can deal help and assist you with counselling for almost any situation in your life, like for example:
  • being happy again, to empower yourself, to uplift your spirit, to rid yourself of unwanted burdens from the past, to break the cycle of certain behaviours, to get a deeper understanding about your relationship etc.
  • but also for example for:
  • Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Eating disorders, Low self-esteem, Relationship issues, Bullying
    and Time Management.
  • But also dealing with e.g. divorce, being single (again), retiring, children moving out, being lonely, losing ones partner (grieving), spending one's time in a fulfilling way etc.

  • My knowledge and experience of varies holistic fields of knowledge always comes through as well. It is kind of intertwined in my sessions at all times.
    These holistic areas are for example:
    Angels, Karma, Universal Laws, Astrology, Reincarnation, Chakra & Crystal work, Water Crystals, spiritual living, Psychology (classical & spiritual).
    Naturally you will also benefit from my knowledge of my Psychology degree from University as well as my experience from having worked as a Psychologist and Counsellor for many years (classical and spiritual talk therapy).
  • Because of all of the above, my counselling/coaching is always complex, insightful & often touching rather deep levels of the client's being. In a session with me you will also get spiritual insights and real-live hints / tips for your life, always tailor-made to your situation & 100% solution orientated at all times.
General pointer on conducting counselling without seeing the client:

You might wonder (though it's more and more known nowadays) how I can provide counselling for you
without meeting you?

The answer is: 'Without any problem at all
& much more accurately and conveniently for you.'
It is a known fact that any counselling is a very private and often difficult step for the client. Thus by being able to stay at their own home and just talking to the Counsellor, the sessions can be much more relaxed and much more stress-free as any face-to-face session.
For a client to talk about their inner most feelings, fears, etc. is much easier when not seeing
the Counsellor when doing so.

Thus counselling with me in this way
is much more relaxing for the client.

Furthermore it is also a known fact that spiritual readings/counselling by phone/Skype are much more accurate than face-to-face sessions.
As during a session where I don't see the client, I do not have any distractions and can therefore focus on my psychic gifts much more accurately as well. This means that I am not receiving any 'human impressions' of the person's expressions, gestures, outfit, body language etc.

Thus such spiritual counselling will be better for clients due to the guidance being the real spiritual/psychic guidance to their needs.

So only advantages for the counselling:
more relaxed, more convenient,
more accurate, cheaper

(as there is never any travelling involved.)
And by avoiding any kind of travelling,
supporting and saving Mother Earth as well :-).


Book your time package now to receive your own holistic - body - mind - spirit - soul coaching:
visit the shop.

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What is special about TimeForTalking - Guidance Services -?

*We offer individually centred, caring, confidential guidance services.
By using a holistic & cosmic approach to life, we can assist our clients in a tailor-made unique way. Everyone is welcome and every situation will be taken seriously.
*At the same time we are proud to be one of the most reliable and efficient working company for those services around.
*Being an international online company with virtual offices in each country
(& offering our services world-wide), working with emails 24/7,
we are always here for you, wherever you are and whenever this may be.
*This means that appointments for readings & services can be booked & arranged everyday of the year, 7 days/week, but also take place daily, i.e. also on weekends, bank holidays; during daytime as well as evenings. Now that's unique!

*All our services are totally confidential,
offered to you in a caring, professional, solution orientated way.
*Readings and services can be booked, arranged as well as take place
every day of the year, 24/7, i.e. during daytime as well as evening times,
Mondays to Sundays, and also on bank holidays.
*Clients also value how flexible Eva is, when it comes to getting an appointment.
*Emails are read and responded to also daily, every day of the year.

*TimeForTalking is absolutely unique indeed.

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