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Holistic - psychological and spiritual self-help through psychic angels astrology readings and counselling. Inspiration for your body, mind and soul. TimeForTalking.com Guidance Services
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About us

Your Spiritual Mentor / Coach / Psychic Reader /
evolutionary Astrologer, etc. here,
is TimeForTalking (TFT)
aka Eva - aka Amaris.

As I am using a variety of holistic modalities & psychic tools,
I can assist you really for any situation, in your past, present or future.

But foremost I am a lightworker, helping people worldwide through challenging times, answering their questions, explaining past, present and future events, past lives, karma, remind them of their exact soul purpose and so much more.

All used to open up your Soul's Blueprint for you
& to remind you of the Pre-Birth Plans you made for this lifetime. And showing you ways to improve your life by growing spiritually and Awaken more & more.

Hands with light. Holistic, spiritual, psychic self-help guidance services for all areas of your current, past and future life.


My personal background

  • Back in early childhood I started together with my family,
    to discover the world of cartomacy (card reading), pendulum and astrology.
  • I also experienced my first angel contact as a very young child already. Communicating with my little friend, to others invisible though. As I grew older, like it's often the case, being enforced by adults, that it's time to 'grow out of this' now.
  • Later in life however I kept continuing to broaden my knowledge on religions and psychology.
  • After studying psychology at the University of Reading, several years of working as a psychologist followed,
    providing classical psychological counselling and talk therapy.
  • Furthermore I worked as a psychology as well as language teacher and also in 1996 founded my own company 'TimeForTalking'.
  • Through synchronicities in my own life did I come to angel literature, which lead me to undergo a spiritual and holistic study which subsequently truly showed me my spiritual life path as a lightworker again.
  • Thus all the spiritual fields of knowledge formed a new foundation in my life. Classical psychological counselling for example opened up the door to spiritual counselling and talk therapy, which always proves to show much more complex insights.
  • And with the additional gained knowledge of evolutionary astrology, the circle of life's knowledge really closes, giving me and my clients the broadest soul connection possible; covering not only our souls' purposes and states in the current, past and future incarnations, but much more.
  • That's when the focus on soul's purpose and life's purpose through spiritual mentoring become somewhat a speciality.
  • My personal spiritual and holistic studies brought me also back to psychic (card) readings, angels, chakra & crystal work, astrology, reincarnation & past life insights,
    past life & karmic astrology, numerology, water crystals and pendulum dowsing.
  • Then further studying on: the Moses Code, Universal Laws, communication with the Divine, energy work, meditation, NDEs followed.
  • Even nowadays I carry on daily to broaden my horizon on my path, so that I am able to help and assist even more people, by helping them to remember who they truly are and what their specific soul's purpose is, as well.
  • I had my own share of several ups and downs in life, even many dark nights of the soul, so to speak; which helped me to 'remember', too. But also it all has broadened my horizon on a personal, spiritual and soul, but also professional level.
  • Nowadays my daily life is strongly based upon spirituality and connection with the Divine, the other side and the angelic realms, as well as meditation practises.
  • Thus I am 'practising' my claircognizance (=psychic knowing) daily for myself, too, which subsequently is to your benefit as well then ;-).

  • After I consciously chose for over 20 years to follow an
    ovo-lacto vegetarian diet,
    this naturally changed, in accordance with my lived spirituality and angelic advice, into following a vegan diet and lifestyle since shortly after the start of the new millenium.

  • Overall I try to lead a healthy life, i.e. to live according to my spirituality with thoughts, action, fitness etc.
  • In my (rare) free time I enjoy Mother nature on walks with my dog and I also write and paint. View my published books.
  • In any appointment you will benefit from all of this gained knowledge, my years of experience, studies and work.
  • Clients are always rather positively surprised how perceptive, empathetic, non-judging, friendly, caring, positive, empowering. compassionate and always solution-oriented I am in any consultation.
  • Furthermore also really appreciate my included specific tips and hints for their daily lives as well.

  • But why not read some testimonials of previous clients about their experience with services provided to them.

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My Specialities
  • Any consultation with me is a form of Spiritual Mentoring
    for your body, mind and soul.

But with that, the following areas come up the most with clients:

  1. Through a combination of psychic readings with cards, angels, astrology and claircognizance (= psychic knowing),
    answering clients' questions, helping them through challenging times and empowering them to more inner peace and a life in bliss.
  2. Soul coaching (reminding clients of their very own soul's and life's purpose, insights on karma, traumas, past lives - & assisting them to heal those, with the aid of evolutionary astrology & other holistic modalities & psychic tools.
    For this, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth and at least a 60 mins appointment are needed.
  3. Compatibility checks with another person (e.g. partner, child, sibling, colleague etc.) to see where clients match and where there will always be challenges & how to deal with them.
    For these deep insights, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth, preferably of both people and a 60 mins appointment are needed.

My Mantras

1 - Love, Light and Peace - I am that, I am.

2 - Our life is like being in a room,
where we switched off the light.
This is the beginning of an incarnation.

In our lives it's now our task, to find our way back to the light(switch) [=our home], though it never vanished, but was always there, we just need to remember it --
(and I can help you do exactly that).

3 - We can't change a storm hitting us,
but we can prepare our sails accordingly,
and it's always up to us, how we react to our circumstances.

4. Always try to live the best version of yourself'.
Afterall that will be the only thing you'll be looking out for
in your life review, after you leave this incarnation,
on the other side.

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My Experiences
  • More than 23 years helping people as a lightworker on their paths,
    with their questions and their challenges.
  • Apart from a psychic reader/coach and a spiritual mentor, I am also a qualified & experienced psychologist and holistic talk therapist.
    So with me, always using a combination of various holistic modalities and psychic tools, you always get 5+ services for 1.
  • You might be looking for: Psychic Readings - Angel Readings - Card Readings - Astrology Readings - Love Compatibility Checks -
    Soul Purpose Readings - Intuitive Readings - Chakra Healing - Past Life Insights, Karmic Insights, etc.;
  • I can combine all of those and much more.

My Tools
To only name the main ones, these are:

  • card readings,
  • angel contact,
  • evolutionary astrology,
  • claircognizance (= psychic knowing),
  • pendulum dowsing,
  • past life insights,
  • crystals, chakras, numerology,
  • holistic coaching & mentoring,
  • spiritual knowledge
    (= Moses Code, Universal Laws etc.

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Mission Statement

  • To provide expert spiritual and holistic guidance inspiration to our customers. Focusing on the individual at all times and applying
    experiences of a variety of fields of knowledge, thus using various holistic modalities & psychic tools in any consultation.
  • Hence all work is done and provided with very much a broadened horizon.
    Anyone using our services will benefit from this.

  • Basically TimeForTalking envisioned to create one single place, ' a one-stop for all', i.e. one website, where you can find an all-round service: guidance, help, answers, information through products & services offered, and with the details available on this web page.
  • We believe she has succeeded with this vision.
  • Furthermore I am here for you 7 days/week, i.e. also during
    weekends & bank holidays; during daytime as well as
    evenings; and this 365 days/year!
  • It's simply a fact, that in the consulting, advice and coaching industry that this is absolutely unique.

  • All our services are totally confidential & inspiring.
  • Thank you for trusting in us.

  • Inspiration for you 24/7, so.... get inspired :-)

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  • Having provided numerous consultations by means of spiritual mentoring & holistic coaching using:
    psychic readings with claircognizance (=psychic knowing), cards, angels & astrology, as well as talk therapy etc. for over 23+ years now
    and my clients are very happy with the results and my honesty and consultation manners.
  • Clients are always rather amazed not only on how accurately I can pinpoint
    past, present and future situations/events and emotions but so much more.

But read for yourself, here are some of my previous clients
telling you about their experience with my provided spiritual consultations:
Naturally as all our services are provided totally confidentially, no names can be stated.

  • I had such a positive psychic card and angel reading via Skype today.
    The reading was very caring, detailed and rather helpful. It really was a tremendous help for me - and I am taking the chance here once again to thank you for it wholeheartedly.
  • You always hit the nail right on the head with your readings. You can always perfectly and in much detail describe my current feelings and situations I am in. Even your predictions are clear, easy to understand and turn out to be correct as well.
  • The card reading was very good with Eva. She was clear and easy to understand, empathic, kind and friendly and at the same time provided me with a professional reading. Furthermore did she provide me with useful hints for my daily life.
    I can only recommend a reading with her.
  • I was very pleased with my psychic card & angel phone reading. Eva was very patient, pleasant and easy to understand.
    She made me feel very comfortable and I would not hesitate to use her services again in the future.
  • Many thanks for my reading via MP3-audio file. Apart from your very pleasant voice you showed rather alot of involvement and commitment in the reading. I really did like that immensely.

  • Thank you for my reading. The way you presented my past, present and future to me really helped me to gain a new and better prospective of things in my life.
  • I found the angel messages so uplifting in my reading with you - it made all the difference and really helped to keep me positive.
  • Many thanks for the elaborate and insightful reading. Now, three days after the reading,
    I see already that some of the future forecast is coming true.
  • Eva has been counselling me for the last 13 months. I suffered from depression, low self-esteem and anxiety. She helped me to overcome most of my problems by suggesting specific relevant coping techniques, talking with me about my past and resolving subconscious issues. As I am tending to be stressed quite often and I now know how to relax and destress myself. And generally how to make myself feel more happy in my every day life.
    I would like to recommend Eva as a very kind, considerate and professional psychologist whose counselling skills are extremely effective and helpful. (from a counselling client after classical/psychological talk therapy)
  • Very good reader!
    I am very pleased with the reading I got from Eva. I needed quite a few questions answered and Eva was able to give very detailed validations on all of them. Predictions were in line with other good readers, and it gave me a good sense of direction. I would highly recommend a reading with Eva.
  • Eva, You have helped me a
    lot in dealing with my current situation.
    I feel better prepared to deal with it all now. Many, many thanks.

  • Eva is a true gem. During the reading she made me laugh so much and she really tried her hardest to guide me which she definately did. I felt so much better after speaking with her. She understood and connected with me on a wonderful level and she definately has a wonderful true gift. Thank you.
  • I just wanted to thank you for the reading today and for setting up an appointment with me so quickly. I really appreciate it. The reading confirmed things i was thinking and helped to give me direction regarding my situation. Thank you again and I will definitely be speaking to you soon!
  • I really liked the psychic readings I had with Eva. They were indepth readings and gave me insights, clarity and courage. Thank you once again.
  • Eva is a reader with an amazing talent. In my reading she only asked one question and that was "what question/area would you like me to focus on for you ?". When she was provided with this, she non-stop provided me with information regarding myself and the other person concerned in my life. Not once did she pause (well she did on one occassion when I asked a question).
    None of this slow talk, that you get with some readers, to simply make time fly in their so called " readings". When it is your money being used, every minute counts. Eva had sympathy,empathy and was kind and caring but most of all,she was TRUTHFUL.
    She told me a couple of home truths and her training showed through,head and shoulders, above most readers I know.
    This lady, in my opinion is simply a top reader! Eva, thank you once again for your help and support through the information
    you provided me with in my reading. We have to speak again soon.
    (from a hotline I worked at)
  • Thank you for another great reading! You've shed light on things and made some very interesting points.
    Until next time.

  • I really appreciate your patience during my EFT video sessions. Thank you for always fine tuning the needed therapy according to my individual needs and experience. You have helped me so much and the holistic counselling with EFT has changed my life to the better.
  • Many thanks for the reading, it was more specific than I thought it would be. (email reading/MP3)
  • Your reading was absolutely amazing. Every single bit of information was spot on & I really liked your style & communication. The way you combined the cards & angel messages was incredible & the reading really helped me. I also liked the combination of spiritual information with practical tips & applications to my life. You really are an absolutely unique reader.
    There are not many with such abilities.
    Thank you."

  • We do consider you to be our best reader.
    (from a psychic hotline I worked at)
  • Thanks for my psychic card reading via MP3 file.
    Your answers make alot of sense. Thanks again.
  • It's really amazing how you were able to describe my partner in so much detail (looks & characteristics)
  • This reading with you was my first 'real' reading,
    due to the accurate details you presented me with, no one before ever managed to do that. Thanks.
  • I can only sing your praises about this amazing reading I had with you. Thank you so much.
    I look forward to talking to you soon again.
  • Many thanks for such open and most importantly very honest and extreme fairly priced psychic card reading. Speak to you soon.
  • Thank you for the reading.
    You were 100% right. Until next time.
  • The details of my angel oracle card reading are absolutely about me and my life. I am only full of praises about the booking and the service you provided, not only as I received my reading so quickly. I very much value your extraordinary service and for further important questions of mine, I am more than happy to book another reading with you.
  • The reading with you has helped me to gain more inner strength and knowledge and I am now also talking to the angels even more and my anxiety seems to disappear. Also... my boyfriend isn't someone texting alot but since I spoke with you
    I am receiving two textmessages a day!
    Many thanks once again.
  • You really have the gift.
  • Excellent reading as always.
  • I am absolutely astounded about your skills.
  • Everything you said was so true, just everything!
    You are so accurate it's actually almost quite scary. :-)
  • "Thank you for the reading. You are awesome! "
  • Eva and I have worked together now for approximately 10 months. Eva was first recommended to me by a colleague who had been attending her evening classes where she was giving tuition on a psychology course. In the few months that Eva provided counselling services to me she helped me to explore and understand myself. She has given me positive areas on which to focus and to work towards them gradually. I have learnt new techniques of how to cope with my panic and anxiety attacks. We are working on my mild form of agoraphobia and I am gradually overcoming my problems. I have found that her talk therapy sessions have been punctual and consistent and have been a great help to me in giving me support at home in surroundings in which I am comfortable and at ease during the therapy sessions.
    (from a counselling client after talk therapy)
  • You were spot on. Thank you.
  • Excellent reading - Excellent person -
    other than the fact Eva is an amazing reader with a brilliant talent. She is also a lovely person with a heart of gold. She really understands and also tunes in so quickly to my situation without being promoted. Excellent spirtual reading with alot of advice and guidance.... She saved me at the darkest times.
    Many thanks

  • Absolutely amazing how you with your psychic skills help others who are not able to directly converse with the Universe or who simply have forgotten how to communicate with the Universe.
  • I am so pleased to have found Eva 's services via the internet, she is a gifted counsellor and psychic who works with intelligence, intuition and empathy, and provides real insight for her clients as well as strategies to people who need guidance in challenging situations . She has not only given me real hope but also a sense of direction and is the first psychic to have been able to put my mind at rest and to allow me to let go of my frustations and anxieties and put me on the right path.
  • I really enjoyed my reading.
  • Eva makes me feel at home, and like I'm speaking with a Dear friend when she reads. It definitely translates to the way she handles my readings, questions, & ultimately the way we communicate. My overall experience after having several readings with Eva is: Excellent & profound readings - I have found a dependable psychic! It was easy to get an appointment scheduled, especially very promptly.
    The readings were very detailed, personal (compassionate, warm, encouraging etc.). Eva is able to access great depths in her readings.
    Readings with Eva = convenient, valuable...excellent service.
  • The services on offer are comprehensive and great and you always reply so promptly. Honestly you never have to wait for a reply. My psychic readings with you (Eva) have all been amazing, I am more than happy to have spoken with you. The price/service relation is reasonable, due to you doing it soooo brilliantly ;-).
    All from web presentation, booking, communication before, during and after my readings and the psychic reading itself = all top notch.
    Really friendly and very professional. You are honest, even when the cards don't look too good and that's what I value immensely. You care for the client in a loving and welcoming way and that is highly valued. Mostly I value your honesty, professionalism and your empathy. Overall I can only repeat myself: You are great, very nice, kind and genuine. You cannot make it any better. Stay as you are, I am absolutely thrilled with your readings.
  • You are amazing and spot on! Thank you again.
  • Thank you for helping me sort through things :) I truly appreciate all of your help. I always feel better and more peaceful after I talk to you.

  • You are spot-on once again!
    (one of our frequent customers)
  • I am rather impressed with your style and manners during my psychic reading, Eva. My experience hasn't been always positive so I was really very very much positively surprised.
    For 'only' 20 minutes the reading was extremely detailed, informative and helpful. At all times did I clearly recognize myself - that was definitely ME.
    Your positive and very caring style had a lasting effect on me. It is often that I still recall your practical hints and tips for my daily life. Eva, I am very grateful to you for this reading and the involved insights. I have gained alot for my life from it. I am certainly coming back for another, longer reading. Many thanks Eva.

  • I was absolutely delighted with my reading and that at such affordable fees.
    Thank you for a wonderful service you provide affordable to all of us. Speak to you soon.
  • My guests loved the readings you gave them. Absolutely amazing. Thank you for a wonderful evening.
    (After being booked for a dinner party.)
  • I need to tell you that I find it extremely cooperative and human/kind the way you answer any questions. And with what kind of precision and patience you do that.
    I will recommend you further.

  • A very good detailed reading. Very caring.
  • I am still thinking about my psychic reading with you. It really helps me in my day to day routine.
  • Enjoyed my reading very much.
    Book timefortalking, you won't be disappointed.
  • Thank you very much for the accurate angel reading you sent me by email.
    It's very much appreciated and helpful.
  • Thank you so very very much. The Angel reading is so very uplifting and totally relevant to what is going on in my life at the moment.
  • In my psychic card reading Eva was very easy to understand - professional and very friendly. Thank you for your help.
  • Eva is a truly gifted individual who sees the situation right away and gives you the proper advise without taking your free will away in the process.I can’t wait to see how things will unfold according to what Eva said. Also, her angel messages are right on. Give her a go, you will not be disappointed.
  • You are one of the best readers around.
    Thank you.
  • In my psychic reading Eva was very clear in giving me direction and support. Her understanding of my life was spot on and she described my actions and the situation I am in very correctly as well. She has a nice reading style and I would certainly speak to her again. Recommended!
  • You helped me so much today. I feel so much better now. It's really amazing how I found you and now you helped me find myself.
  • This was my best reading ever.
    You saved my life. Thank you so much.
  • I am so grateful, you really helped me immensely. We'll be definitely talking again soon. I value your professionalism and kindness.
  • It's really rather fascinating how you always know everything like you do in a reading. Awesome!
  • I have had several readings with Eva - each one was accurate in terms of the issues and their outcomes. I would absolutely recommend her as an excellent reader
  • Eva speaks soooo fast lol which is good as she told me so much in 11 minutes without me uttering a word. Absolutely brilliant.
    Im so skeptical about predictions as I dont think anyone is psychic enough to know timescales, and im glad this reader is honest and doesn't give timescales but a wide scale of events during a period. She picked up personalities, even star sign, traits of the other person.
    Was so impressed with her - fantastic reader !
    (from a hotline I worked at)
  • In my psychic reading I liked the value of the communication. The reading itself was great and not always provided the easy solution, such as people want to hear, but also provided information about the challenges that will arise, and stategies to deal with these. A truly remarkable experience.
  • I have consulted many people, and I truly
    believe this has been the best to date.

  • I liked the reading via MP3. I was able to really focus on what was being said because I wasn't jotting down any notes.
    And I could listen to it over again, too, which was great.

  • Scheduling a reading with you was extremely easy. You were very responsive and scheduled a reading right away at a time that was convenient for me. You were friendly, warm, funny and very accurate. I was very at ease during our reading. I will definitely be in touch for additional readings with you!
    Thank you again for everything!

  • I can absolutely recommend Eva. She is really professional, the details in the psychic reading were 'simply pouring out of her'. Rather accurate details, too. I am truly happy to have found Eva's readings! Straight away I felt at the right place and in very good hands. This refers to the booking itself as to the reading as well. During my psychic reading I really loved the fact that Eva just talked, I could listen to the information pouring out of her. Many, many thanks Eva!!
  • Thank you again for your guidance. You're awesome
    and I truly appreciate your help and your patience with me :)


I look forward to assisting you soon as well.
With white light from here
TimeForTalking (TFT)aka Eva aka Amaris

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Confidentiality clause:

  • Please be assured that all matters discussed in any form,
    in our services on offer, are dealt with in strict confidentiality.
  • Only exception would be if required by law, to report to the proper authorities.
    However such exception would only be if there is reasonable suspicion of
    abuse, neglect, homicide or other safety issues.


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By law we have to provide you with the following disclaimers:

Disclaimer Re: readings:

  • *At all times is a (psychic) reading only to be seen as information
    for a possible outcome of any situation.
    Your own behaviour and thought pattern (i.e. your fee will)
    can and will influence any situation,
    hence the things mentioned in a reading are not set in stone,
    due to free will.
  • *At no times will we interfere with your free will.
    You won't be told what you 'have' to do something but you are offered
    the 'options of choices' that await you.
  • *Although psychic readings can be helpful and informative,
    no guarantees can be given to their accuracy.
    Hence by law we have to state that readings are delivered on an entertainment basis. So: For legal purposes it is understood that all readings are for the purpose of entertainment only.
  • *As all our readings are provided as a service, which is provided to you, no refunds will be offered.
  • *Psychic readings are not to be used for any medical emergency,
    thus it cannot be seen as an emergency treatment. In case you are currently in an emergency (health) situation, please contact your local hospital, the NHS help line or a crises hotline or equivalent service where you are..
  • *Clients for psychic readings must be 18 years or older.
  • *For readings delivered via email:
    we do not sell or distribute your email address to any third parties.
  • *Ordering any services including (psychic) readings from TimeForTalking is an agreement whereby TimeForTalking is not to be held liable for the information received, the choices made upon readings or consultations, as well as other services provided.
Disclaimer Re: counselling:
  • At all times is any form of counselling only to be seen as an advisory tool,
    it cannot replace medication for certain diseases. If this is the reason for contacting us, please get back to your GP or medical doctor for medical advice and the required prescription.
  • At no time could medication be subscribed to you.
  • Having any form of counselling consultation cannot be seen as a miracle cure either. Even when pinpointing the source for your concern, it usually involves some time and effort from your side to work on it, deal with the healing (which might be painful) and generally be willing to undertake some changes, i.e. invest some time and possibly a restructering of your thought patterns and thus your life.
  • But with us you are never left alone during these times, as with our longer consultation programs (= VIP Mentoring programs), I can virtually right by your side, during this time, as you can choose either 1/3/6 months packages.
  • Due to counselling not being a medical aid replacement, the service we offer will not be appropriate for real life medical emergencies.In case you are currently in such a medical emergency situation please contact your local hospital, the NHS help line or a crises hotline, or equivalent service where you are..

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What is special about TimeForTalking ?

*We offer individually centred, caring, confidential guidance services.
By using a holistic & spiritual approach to life, we can assist our clients in a tailor-made unique way. Everyone is welcome and every situation will be taken seriously.
*At the same time we are proud to be one of the most reliable and efficient working company for those services around.
*Being an international online company with virtual offices in each country
(& offering our services worldwide), working with emails 24/7,
we are always here for you, wherever you are and whenever this may be.
*This means that appointments for readings & services can be booked & arranged everyday of the year, 7 days/week, but also take place daily, i.e. also on weekends, bank holidays; during daytime as well as evenings.
Now that's unique!

*All our services are totally confidential,
offered to you in a caring, professional, solution oriented, empowering way.
*Readings and services can be booked, arranged as well as take place
every day of the year, 24/7, i.e. during daytime as well as evening times,
Mondays to Sundays, and also on bank holidays.
*Clients also value how flexible Eva is, when it comes to getting an appointment. As she really goes out of her way, to accommodate client's time schedule.
*You always get a 2 for 1 service, with some bookings
but for others (spiritual mentoring etc.) even our absolutely unique 5+ for 1 service.

*Emails are read and responded to also daily, every day of the year.
*TimeForTalking is absolutely unique indeed.
Your health & wellbeing will profit from Eva's expertise and experience.

++ To read a more comprehensive list
on what makes TimeForTalking's services rather unique
and so empowering and life-changing for you,
do check here. ++



Not entirely sure how I can help YOU?
Just get in touch via the live chat box, at the right bottom of this page,
so I can explain to you personnaly, how my available services can improve your life as well.



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