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Psychic Counselling

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  • Help & support to change your life for the better.
  • Answers to all of your questions about your life (past, present and future), soul's task, life purpose, karma etc.
  • Help with & Self-Help for eating disorders, OCDs, trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, low self-esteem, panic attacks etc.

  • Help for any situation or challenge
    you are faced with.

Holistic Health - Healing - Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - Wellbeing -
Insights - Happiness - Success - Abundance - Answers -

Making sense of it all in your life - and much more awaits you.


No matter how painful your past has been,
you can always (out of your own free will) start afresh.
Insights from above, photo of light shining through trees in a wooded area.
Always remember: any situation can always be improved.
We can help and support you all the way through.
Make the first step & contact us via the chat box below.


"I am so pleased to have found Eva 's services via the internet, she is a gifted counsellor and psychic who works with intelligence, intuition and empathy, and provides real insight for her clients as well as strategies to people who need guidance in challenging situations . She has not only given me real hope but also a sense of direction and is the first psychic to have been able to put my mind at rest and to allow me to let go of my frustations and anxieties and put me on the right path."
"Your reading was absolutely amazing.
Every single bit of information was spot on
& I really liked your style & communication.

The way you combined the cards & angel messages was incredible & the reading really helped me. I also liked the combination of spiritual information with practical tips & applications to my life. You really are an absolutely unique reader.
There are not many with such abilities. Thank you."
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I can do the same for you.


You can discover your true self, your hidden talents and subsequently your inner gold as well.

Awareness is the first step in healing, changing and growing.
Always remember:
*** Your life does not get better by chance - it gets better by change. ***
So embrace your true and wonderful self with my holistic readings and self-help coaching.
I will show you:
- how to improve your life,
- how to empower yourself,
- how to deal with past, present and future challenges in your life,
- how to find true happiness, success, abundance as well as
holistic health and wellbeing in all areas of your life.

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Not entirely sure yet?

Here are the main points explaining what makes our services so unique:

***psychic / holistic life coaching readings daily = Mondays to Sundays, also on public bank holidays
***psychic / holistic life coaching readings worldwide = no matter where you are, readings are provided by phone, via Skype or email
***no waiting lists = readings are provided by appointments, but with Eva's really flexible times,
you will never have to wait for your actual reading time long.
Appointments are mostly on the same day and if not, the next day is usually possible.
***reduced prices for first-time buyers = to get to know our extreme high quality service,
as a first-time buyer you are entitled to try our services at a reduced rate.
***no additional charges for appointments outside of usual working hours = although you can have your psychic reading
daily and at any time, we are not charging you any additional fee when your psychic reading's appointment
is chosen for evening times or on a weekend or even bank holiday.
Should you prefer to receive your reading by audio aemail, no problem we also offer email readings via our unique MP3 live recordings.
***always a 2 for 1 service = you always only pay your booked time package for the actual psychic reading.
Eva's preparation times are not charged and so free for you!
***when astrology is incorporated in readings = you even get a 3 for 1 service!
***in holistic counselling = you even get a 4 for 1 service!
***no phone costs for you = Eva can call you in most countries, if this isn't possible for her,
you can choose between convenient numbers or the reading is provided to you via Skype, which is always free of charge.
***all readings / services are = confidential, friendly, caring, inspiring, insightful, honest, professional
***excellent & unique pre- and after- sales' support = many psychic readers / life coaches will take your money,
but in a non-spiritual way, only care about this and after a rather short reading, will leave you with your 'situation' alone, so to speak.
***With us this is different - even before your reading, Eva's personal attention to your booking is already caring and inspiring.
- Then the reading is a uplifting and empowering experience on its own.
- But even after your reading, Eva will contact you again about your reading.
- If you are interested you can get updated with our bi-monthly news, that include free inspiration, a free card reading school,
a free astrology and moon school as well as exclusive offers. But even your birthday won't be forgotten
as well as Eva remembering to keep in touch in a very caring way.
***'real' life guidance and advice = all our readings are full of real, practical guidance for you and your specific life and situation,
including practical exercises for your daily life. With this really making an everlasting impact onto you and your life.
***customer-friendly loyalty bonus program = to give you even a little bit more, once again,
our loyalty bonus program
ensures that your purchase with us is always used well for free gifts and readings alike.

***even offering free psychic readings = when booking a psychic card reading party bookings (Mystic Party)
or simply referring your friends to our services, you are entitled to a free psychic karma and past life reading yourself.


Place your booking now.

Still not sure how our holistic self-help counselling with the aid of psychic readings
could be right and beneficial for you?
Contact Eva, via the chat box below, so that she can explain to you personally,
how she can help you in your specific situation or with your specific questions,
and how this will change your life to the better, too.


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