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Terms and Conditions of our bonus scheme, the let us scheme.

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Terms & Conditions of the 'customer friendly loyalty bonus scheme'

with the motto: 'let us give you even more',
referred to as the let us scheme:

1. Services/Products included in the let us scheme are psychic readings, astrological readings, card readings,
spiritual / psychic counselling, angel readings, as stated on the web page for 'TimeForTalking.com Guidance Services'.
Party bookings and bookings for astrology reports are excluded from this offer.

2. Only readings and counselling by phone or via Skype/Vsee will qualify the above stated services for the let us scheme.

3. The offer of: spent £90 and give us your feedback to receive your free gift, only applies once per person.

3. Payments for relevant services/products have to be made online via PayPal only.

4. No cash equivalent for any free gift will be given.

5. A recommendation of a friend to the let us scheme gets validated once the friend has spent a minimum of
UK £109 Convert currency* and funds have been received by timefortalking.com.

6. Recommended friends will need to have spent the minimum amount by 20th July 2024 through payable bookings.

7. TimeForTalking.com reserves the right to alter the free services offered in the let us scheme.
Any changes will be posted on this web page.

8. Free services in the let us scheme will be forwarded to clients via email.
No responsibilities will be taken for non-valid email addresses given to timefortalking.com.
If the person who recommended a friend cannot be reached via email, the free gift entitlement will expire after 4 weeks,
from the date funds were received for the friend's purchase.

9. The let us scheme is an internet promotion only, therefore all services valid for the let us scheme
need to be taken out via our web page (shop). Therefor any recommendation
that should apply to the let us scheme needs to be made via our recommend a friend form only as well.

10. The free numerological interpretation for a second friend's recommendation in the let us scheme,
is an interpretation of Personality Number, Life Path Number or Wisdom Number.

11.Once the 2nd friend's funds for his/her purchase/s is/are received, the person who made the recommendation
will be asked by email to choose one of the three eligible interpretations for their free gift.
You can also give us details of another person for your numerological interpretation
and use your gift to give to someone else as a present.

12. Customers who spent the minimum of UK £90.00 Convert currency* via our web page for the services mentioned under paragraph 1.
and whose funds have been received by timefortalking.com, will be informed automatically about their free gift.
This will also be done via email but due to administrative reasons there will always be a slight time delay.

13. Should a contacted client not reply to us with his/her needed details for the astrological chart or the numerological interpretation,
their entitlement of the gift will expire after a period of four weeks (from the date of our email to them about their gift).

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