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Psychic readings using card readings, angels, astrology, karma, psychic knowledge:
- world-wide by phone, online via Skype, email, MP3 audios. Also holistic EFT counselling, numerology, crystals, horoscopes.
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Click here to find out more about us and Eva your psychic reader here at timefortalking. You'll find her background, testimonials, our mission statement and general information.About Us Click here for our shop to place your booking and make your payment. Whenever you are ready to place your booking, just go to this shop page. You will also see all fees on one page. Benefit from reduced first time buyer rates, to get to know our high quality.Shop Click here to find out about Eva's psychic readings with cards, angels and astrology.Psychic Readings Click here to find out about Eva's astrology readings . For this Eva will be looking at your natal (birth) astrology chart, as well as your transit chart and with regards to relationship questions, also at the synastry charts of two people. Astrology Readings Click here for further details about Eva's spiritual coaching and spiritual counselling. You will find details on benefits, duration, fees, location, type of coaching, procedure and much more.Spiritual Coaching Click here to view our numerological profiles and numerology interpretations. Numerological analysis of personality number, life path number and wisdom number.Numerology Click here for further details on the gift vouchers we offer.Gift Vouchers Click here to view details on Eva's psychic seminars courses and workshops. Learn how to become a psychic reader, card reader, angel reader and astrologer like Eva herself. Psychic Seminars
Click here to subscribe to our newsletter for inspirational news, updates and exclusive special offers. It includes a free raffle, too.News Click here to view our FAQ (frequent asked questions), giving answers to many questions.FAQ Click here for Eva's psychic card readings using lenormand cards, kipper cards, angel oracle cards, gypsy fortune telling cards, angel of light cards and others.Card Readings Click here for details on our unique astrological interpretations: of someone's natal chart (AstroTalk) as well as our relationship or friendship compatibility report and profile (Friends & Lovers). Both are written astrological reports and horoscope interpretations (by email). They also make a perfect and unique gift for someone special.Horoscopes Click here to find out more about Eva's holistic talk therapy and body, mind, spirit, soul coaching with knowledge of card readings, angels, astrology, karma, past lives, self-improvement, personal growth, new age and much more. Holistic Talk Therapy Click here to view our crystal guides. ' Tips on how to purify crystals' and  'Tips on how to use chakra stones'Crystals/Chakra Click here to view our free information on card readings, astrology, numerology and crystals. You will also find all our free gifts on here.Free Things Click here for Eva's published metaphysical books. Like 'Messages from the Spiritual Realms - recurring life events explained by the angels"Eva's Books
Click here to find out about our contact details.Contact Click here to view our current special offers, as well as our customer friendly loyalty bonus scheme. The 'let us scheme', a thank you to all our repeat and loyal customers. Thank you for trusting in us. Offers Click here for more details on Eva's angel readings, psychic angel card readings and psychic readings with angel messages. Also angel oracle card readings. Angel Readings Click here for our psychic card reading party bookings. Party bookings with psychic readings (only a minimum of 2 friends needed). The party host receives a psychic reading for free ! Party Bookings Click here for further details on Eva's psychological counselling, talk therapy, psychotherapy, psychological life coaching .Counselling Click here to view details on our bulk referral bookings, where a bulk booking is placed (only a minimum of 2 friends/referrals needed). Refer us to your friends and you will receive a psychic reading for free !Referral Bookings Click here for our blog archive. We offer you a spiritual guidance blog and archive on holistic, new age and empowering topics. All personally written by Eva. Blog Archive Click here for Eva's very own decks of Lenormand cards. Absolutely unique and modern. The TimeForTalking Lenormand Photo Edition and Cartoon Edition and Cartoon Spotlight Edition.Eva's Card Decks


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free astrology sample report: Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones / synastry chart profile of Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas
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Psychic Seminars

Group seminars for psychic readers using lenormand card readings & dowsing

One-to-one psychic readings' tuition


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