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Astrology (western)

Still today many people believe astrology goes only as far as reading the weekly horoscope in a magazine. Having found that those predictions are all far too general people tend to associate astrology with a negative touch or only the star sign (sign of the zodiac) they are, or were born in.

Far from the truth as the sign, we talk about as our star sign happens to be only the sign the sun was in at our time of birth.
Hence its proper name should be used more: sun sign,
i.e. the sign one planet (the sun) was in only.

We talk about a horoscope when talking about the exact position of the planets at the moment and location of our birth. Putting all the planets and signs into their glyphs (symbolic representation) we end up with our horoscope or birth chart.
(Horoscope - from ancient Greek =watch & record time)

All our birth charts are totally unique to us, as our exact time of birth and the place of birth together with the exact location, shows the planets at exact that time and place.

In such a horoscope people tend to be surprised to see, that they will have planets in almost all of the signs of the zodiac.
Hence someone telling people their star sign is Taurus for example, might be surprised to learn, that they have many planets in a totally different sign, therefore showing quite different characteristics in their personality and persona than a typical Taurus.



Astrologist viewing the skies

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Astrological charts
*the signs - (show how we will direct & use the relevant planetary motivation)

(Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo,


Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces)


*the ascendant -(the "you" the outside world perceives)

*the houses - (show in which area of life the planetary motivation will be manifested) (1st - 12th house)

*the planets - (represent our motivation)

(Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter,


Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto -to name the main ones

Saturn UranusNeptunePluto

*the aspects (these are geometrical angles between planets:
conjunction, square, opposition -to name a few)

Also the Ascendant, which also represents the style
in which we meet life in general, our personality
that we never thought of.



Example of a radix wheel - plain style, with signs, earth being in the middle


Example of a chart wheel with planets and signs

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The movements of the planets above

  • The Earth orbits the Sun in about 362.25 days (1 year).
  • The Moon orbits the Earth in about 27.32 days (about a month)
    -staying in each sign just under two & a quarter days.
  • Mercury orbits the Sun in 88 days.
  • Venus orbits the Sun in 225 days,
    -in any given chart Venus is always either in the same sign as the Sun,
    or only one/two signs away.
  • Mars orbits the Sun in 1 year & 10.5 months.
  • Jupiter orbits the Sun in 12 years, -staying in one sign for 1 year.
  • Saturn orbits the Sun in 29 years, - staying in one sign for about
    2.5 years.
  • Uranus orbits the Sun in 84 years, - staying in one sign for 7 years.
  • Neptune orbits the Sun in 165 year, - staying 14 years in one sign.
  • Pluto orbits the Sun in 246 years.


Moon over city

The planets in actual universal alignment up above

Silhouettes of the Planets

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Chinese Astrology (eastern)

2024 is the Year of the Dragon,
starting on 10th February, the Chinese New Year!

The Dragon is a symbol of strength, courage, creativity and innovation. Thus 2024 is expected to be a year of potential and opportunity.

Following some details on what Chinese astrology deals with:

*12 animal signs
(rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake,
horse, sheep/goat, monkey, rooster, dog, pig)

They represent one year of a 12 yearly cycle, hence you find your individual animal sign,
by looking at the year you were born.

*5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water)

*Yin & Yang polarities
(i.e. feminine - receptive; association with water, night, moon
masculine - active; association with fire, day, sun)

*the ascendant & *the moon sign

In Chinese astrology there is usually a great emphasis
around the interactions of moon and sun.

The hour of birth brings in other animals' characteristics,
painting an individual, complex picture of ourselves.




Earth from out of space




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Crystals for Astrology/Star Crystals:


Astrology is a very complex science and
crystals can also be used here
to encourge certain qualities.

When talking about Star Crystals
three major stones are referred to:

  • the sun sign crystal
    (it's your birth stone,
    referring to your sign of the zodiac
    your sun was in at your birth)
  • the ruling crystal,
    referring to the ruling planet of your Sun sign.
  • the moon crystal,
    referring to the zodiacal sign in your birth chart, the moon lies in.

On the right you will see a list of signs of the zodiac with their connected stones:


Birth stone:Diamond
Ruling stone: Ruby (Mars)
Moon stone: White Marble

Birth stone: Amber
Ruling stone: Emerald (Venus)
Moon stone: Desert Rose

Birth stone: Citrine
Ruling stone: Double Terminator, Rock Crystal (Mercury)
Moon stone: Apophyllite

Birth stone: Pearl
Ruling stone: Moonstone (Moon)
Moon metal: Silver

Birth metal: Gold
Birth stone: Golden Topaz
Ruling stone: Tiger's Eye (Sun)
Moon stone: Diamond

Birth stone: Jade
Ruling stone: Rock Crystal Egg (Mercury)
Moon stone: Stilbite, Milky Quartz

Birth stone: Opal
Ruling stone: Chrysoprase (Venus)
Moon stone: Selenite

Birth stone: Golden Beryl, Aquamarine
Ruling stone: Serpentine (Pluto)
Moon stone: White Opal

Birth stone: Rutilated Quartz, Turquoise
Ruling stone: Sapphire (Jupiter)
Moon stone: White Calcite

Birth stone: Yellow Jasper, Garnet
Ruling stone: Jet (Saturn)
Moon stone: White Chalcedony

Birth stone: Brown Zircon, Sugilite
Ruling stone: Kunzite (Uranus)
Moon stone: Optical Calcite

Birth stone:Amethyst
Ruling stone: Black Opal (Neptune)
Moon stone: White Aragonite

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Birthdays of Celebrities & Famous People

January, February, March, April, May, June,
July, August, September, October, November, December


  • 3rd January 1892 = J. R. R. Tolkien,
    British writer
  • 4th January 1785 = Jakob Grimm,
    German Linguist & collector of fairy tales
  • 8th January 1935 = Elvis Presley,
    American musician
  • 16th January 1932 = Dian Fossey,
    American chimpanzee researcher
  • 21st January 1905 = Christian Dior,
    French fashion designer
  • 26th January 1925 = Paul Newman,
    American actor
  • 27th January 1756 = Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Austrian composer
  • 30th January 1937 = Vanessa Redgrave, British actress


Capricorn picture & glyph


  • 1st February 1901 = Clark Gable, American actor
  • 3rd February 1809 = Felix Mendelsohn-Bartholdy, German composer
  • 7th February 1812 = Charles Dickens, British writer
  • 12th February 1809 = Charles Darwin, British (natural) scientist
  • 16th February 1959 = John McEnroe,
    American actor
  • 23rd February 1685 = Georg Friedrich Händel, German composer
  • 24th February 1786 = Wilhelm Grimm,
    German Linguist & collector of fairy tales
  • 27th February 1932 = Elizabeth Taylor,
    British-American actress

Aquarius picture & glyph

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  • 1st March 1810 = Frederic Chopin,
    Polish composer
  • 4th March 1678 = Antonio Vivaldi,
    Italian composer
  • 6th March 1475 = Michelangelo Buonarotti, Italian sculptor & painter
  • 14th March 1933 = Michael Caine,
    British actor
  • 21st March 1685 = Johann Sebastian Bach, German composer
  • 24th March 1930 = Steve McQueen, American actor
  • 26th March 1911 = Tennessee Williams, American writer
  • 27th March 1845 Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, German Physicist
  • 30th March 1853 = Vincent van Gogh,
    Dutch painter
Pisces picture & glyph

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  • 3rd April 1924 = Marlon Brando,
    American actor
  • 6th April 1483 = Raphael, Italian painter
  • 12th April 1928 = Hardy Krüger,
    German actor
  • 16th April 1921 = Sir Peter Ustinov,
    British actor & writer
  • 20th April 1808 = Napoleon,
    French Emperor
  • 21st April 1926 = Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of England
  • 23rd April 1564 = Wilhelm Shakespeare, British writer & poet
  • 24th April 1934 = Shirley Mac Laine, American actress
  • 26th April 1452 = Leonardo da Vinci,
    Italian painter & genius


Aries picture & glyph


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  • 6th May 1856 = Sigmund Freud, Austrian medical doctor & founder of the psychoanalysis
  • 7th May 1840 = Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowski, Russian composer
  • 10th May 1899 = Fred Astaire,
    American dancer & actor
  • 11th May 1904 = Salvador Dali, Spanish painter
  • 21st May 1471 = Albrecht Dürer, German painter

Taurus picture & glyph


  • 1st June 1926 = Marilyn Monroe,
    American actress & icon
  • 3rd June 1925 = Tony Curtis, American actor
  • 8th June 1810 = Robert Schumann,
    German composer
  • 11th June 1864 = Richard Strauss,
    German composer
  • 14th June 1969 = Steffi Graf,
    German tennis player
  • 16th June 1890 = Stan Laurel,
    American actor/comedian

Gemini picture & glyph


  • 9th July 1956 = Tom Hanks, American actor
  • 13th July 1942 = Harrison Ford,
    American actor
  • 15th July 1606 = Rembrandt van Rijn,
    Dutch painter
  • 26th July 1856 = George Bernard Shaw,
    Irish dramatist

Cancer picture & glyph


  • 8th August 1937 = Dustin Hoffman,
    American actor
  • 9th August 1963 = Whitney Houston, American singer
  • 11th August 1897 = Enid Blyton,
    British children's novelist
  • 13th August 1899 = Alfred Hitchcock,
    British film director
  • 16th August 1958 = Madonna,
    American singer
  • 23rd August 1912 = Gene Kelly,
    American actor & dancer
  • 28th August 1749 = Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet

Leo picture & glyph

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  • 15th September 1891 = Agatha Christie, British novelist
  • 16th September 1927 = Peter Falk, American actor
  • 20th September 1934 = Sophia Loren, Italian actress
  • 28th September 1934 = Brigitte Bardot, French actress & animal rights' activist

Virgo picture & glyph


  • 1st October 1935 = Julie Andrews, British actress & singer
  • 8th October 1949 = Sigourney Weaver, American actress
  • 10th October 1813 = Guiseppe Verdi, Italian composer (operas)
  • 12th October 1935 = Luciano Pava
    British Actor
  • 22nd October 1811 = Franz Liszt, Hungarian composer
  • 26th October 1881 = Pablo Picasso, Spanish painter

Libra picture & glyph


  • 7th November 1867 = Marie Curie,
    Polish-French natural scientist
  • 9th November 1909 = Katharine Hepburn, American actress
  • 11th November 1821 = Fjodor Dostojewski, Russian writer
  • 14th November 1840 = Claude Monet,
    French painter
  • 15th November 1738 = Wilhelm Herschel, German-British Astronomer, discoverer of Uranus
  • 19th November 1962 = Jodie Foster,
    American actress & film director
  • 21st November 1694 = Voltaire,
    French writer & Philosopher
  • 26th November 1939 = Tina Turner,
    American musician
  • 30th November 1835 = Mark Twain,
    American writer


  • 1st December 1935 = Woody Allan,
    American actor & film director
  • 5th December 1901 = Walt Disney,
    American Cartoon producer
  • 11th December 1843 = Robert Koch,
    German medical doctor & bacteriologist
  • 12th December 1915 = Frank Sinatra,
    American singer & entertainer
  • 13th December 1915 = Curd Jürgens,
    German actor
  • 14th December 1503 = Nostradamus,
    French astrologist & fortune teller
  • 16th December 1775 = Jane Austen,
    British novelist
  • 17th December 1770 Ludwig van Beethoven, German composer
  • 18th December 1947 = Steven Spielberg, American film director and producer
  • 27th December 1901 = Marlene Dietrich, German actress


Sagitarius picture & glyph

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What are Transits / Transit Charts?

  • Transits are the actual day-by-day and
    hour-by-hour movements
    of the planets through the zodiac.
  • Our natal charts being snapshots of a moment in time (our birth), and the transiting planets
    (current planetary constellations in the sky),
    relate to that moment in time.
    Which is how the transit chart is drawn up.
  • Most astrologists will be using transit charts to see how the current planetary constellations influence your birth chart, therefore showing your current situation due to planetary influences.

Chart , Radix wheel n the sky, graphic

What are Progressions / Progressed Charts?

  • Progressions sometimes known as directions, are based on symbolic movements of the planets. The most commonly used type of progression is the secondary progression, popularly known as
    'Day for a Year' progression.
  • Here each day of life is regarded as equivalent to one year of life.
    Hence the progression chart is drawn up accordingly.
  • Using progressed charts instead of transits would be a personal choice, mostly progressions are used in addition to a transit for a broader picture.

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