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Basic introduction into numerology:

  • Is the connection between
    letters of the alphabet with the numbers 1-9.
  • This technique stems from the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, whose chart we are using in all of our interpretations. A Pythagonian chart shows the numerical equivalent of the letters:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
S T U V W X Y Z  
  • With the help of this chart any word can be interpreted
    according to its numerological meaning.

  • Example: Monday, applied to the chart above:
    M=4 +O=6 +N=5 +D=4 +A=1 +Y=7 =27
    Monday has the numerological value of 9.
  • We are all under the influence of numbers in our lives,
    through our names, addresses, etc.
  • With Numerology the deeper meaning of our lives, ourselves,
    or anything around us can be found.

  • By calculating the numerological value of your phone number, address, employer, friends, partner, street number, town, country, holiday location, hotel name,
    house number etc. you will be able to learn about
    the positive and negative challenges involved for you.

Hope you found this basic introduction into numerology helpful and interesting.
May your day be filled with lots of white angel light.

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